Rise and Shine Breakfast Special Slot Machine Strategy

Here is a little slots strategy that I like to use first thing in the morning when I visit Las Vegas or when I walk into the casino for the first time on any day. I call it the Rise and Shine Breakfast Special because I will usually use this strategy first thing in the morning when we take the elevator down from the room to the casino. This has been a favorite slots strategy of mine for years. I have my buddy Hal’s father, Eddie to thank for this strategy. I told the both of them I was headed out to Vegas a number of years ago. Eddie said to me: “you know what you should do? First thing after you check in, find a $5 slot machine and toss a hundred dollar bill into it. See what happens.”

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“Sure thing.” is what I told him. So, once we got to Caesar’s in Las Vegas, after we had checked in and upacked, that is exactly what I did. Seven spins on a $5 Blazing Sevens slots machine earned me a little over $350 and I was hooked on this strategy and have played it ever since.

How To Play The Slotsguy Rise And Shine Breakfast Special Slots Strategy

This strategy is super easy to play. I take $105 and go find a $5 slot machine. I put the $100 into the machine with the intent of spinning the reels seven times, win or lose. Most times you will not need the extra $5 as you will hit something. Keep in mind the higher denominations pay off more often than lower ones. Most times, I win a little something and the wife and I go eat breakfast. There is an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) on the strip towards downtown on past the Circus Circus. We like to take the car out of the valet and head down there for a short stack with a side of bacon.

You can use this strategy at any time. I use it a lot when I first walk in a casino. It can give you a good boost to attitude when you hit something right when you walk in the door. Don’t be afraid to bump things up a bit either. You can go for a $10 machine with $210. Same strategy, spin the reels seven times and see what happens. So, give this slot strategy a try sometime. Perhaps it will give you that quick win to start your day our right.