About The Slots Guy


Welcome to our many readers! Whether you’re new to SlotsGuy.com or have had us bookmarked for years, thank you for visiting the site. Our purpose is to provide players with complete knowledge of their favorite casino game: slot machines. Our site gives players an overview of the gambling industry, but we always return to online slot games.
Once, we focused only on brick-and-mortar slot machines. We expanded our site to include reviews of the best land-based casinos in the United States. Later, we reviewed the top online slots for the current year. As the online gambling industry transformed, we included more mobile slots content.

Here in 2024, we give readers updates on our favorite casino game. Along the way, we’ve included news and tips on other aspects of the global gaming industry. That includes strategy pages, table game rules, and reviews of the best casino sites and sportsbooks online. Our labor of love has transformed into a comprehensive guide to land-based and online gambling.

Our Story

When I launched Slotsguy.com back in 2011, I mainly posted pictures of the slot machines I encountered in my trips to brick-and-mortar casinos. For the most part, I’d visit Las Vegas and show screenshots of my trips to slots row there. Or I’d post pics of the casinos on the borders of North Texas.
Because they were so close, I’d visit the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma or the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Or I might post pics from my visits to the casinos in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. All of these were one to three hours’ drive from my home in Plano, Texas – a suburb of Dallas.
To this day, I continue to post photos of my frequent gaming trips. But my vision for this site has changed in the dozen or so years since its launch.
Over the years, I developed an interest in online and mobile gaming. Times change and life gets hectic, so it’s natural to spend a bit more time gambling online – it’s quicker, more convenient, and cheaper to do so. With that change, I became interested in writing about the online gambling industry.

What We Offer

The current vision of SlotsGuy.com is to cover the online and mobile slots industry. But people play the world’s most popular gaming machines at sites with other games and other types of gambling. So, it’s natural to discuss those topics. Today, Slots Guy covers the entire gambling industry. Our mission is to point the way to the best casino games at sites that accept US players.
SlotsGuys.com has become a huge directory of slot machine reviews. That directory includes online slots and land-based slot machines. We review Class II and Class III gambling machines, along with mobile slot games. Our review covers top land-based providers like IGT, WMS, Bally, Aristocrat, and Konami.

It also includes top games from online software developers like RGT, Rival, Betsoft, Microgaming, and NetEnt. Our goal is to expose players to a huge range of options and then let players decide what is best for them.
If you provide reviews, it’s natural to also offer tips and strategies to slot players. We give players advice on the slot games with the best return-to-player statistics and the biggest jackpots. Our coverage goes beyond that to bankroll management strategies, tips to avoid Gambler’s Fallacy, and information to avoid gambling myths and misconceptions. We give basic mathematics and probability, which helps players to gamble responsibly.
As SlotsGuy.com has grown, I’ve added staff members. These experts not only review games and gaming sites, but they offer industry news. They also offer brilliant insights into the gaming industry they’ve covered through the years. The Slots Guy blog now discusses topics like the best slots according to the odds and whether online slots are rigged or not. In doing so, our writers answer players’ most frequently asked questions.

Meet Steve

I oversee all of this myself. My name is Steve Salewski. I’m an accountant based out of Plano, Texas. Based on my passion for slot machines, I launched SlotsGuy.com over a decade ago.
I’ve played hundreds of slot machines. Through the years, my wife and I have visited dozens of the most famous US casinos. We took many of the slot pics you see on this site. I’ve written many of this site’s articles, and I oversee the publishing of those I don’t write myself.
I know what it’s like to play the one-armed bandits. I know what it’s like to encounter and debunk slot myths. Because I’m a player myself, I have a lot of sympathy for other players. When it’s time to play slots, I want readers to have the same knowledge I have. So, the goal of this site is to transfer my knowledge to SlotsGuy.com’s readers.
I’ve learned much of my slot wisdom from the school of hard knocks. This site’s readers can learn through study and research.

Our Commitment to Visitors

Our commitment is to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the gaming industry. We can’t fulfill that responsibility without covering every aspect of gambling here in the 21st century. Thus, Slots Guy has become an all-purpose gambling resource. Keep reading for access to decades of gambling expertise.
Our promise to readers is to give them engaging content and a user-friendly experience. In the last year, the team has streamlined this site. It’s now easier to find the strategy tips essential to winning at slots. We have more pages that discuss getting the most out of sites’ bonuses and player rewards. We focus on the terms of use at online slot sites as much as we discuss bankroll management.
The idea is to seize every advantage possible when gambling, whether it’s online or offline. If you do so, the odds shift in your favor. Responsible gambling not only helps you avoid big losses when bad luck happens; it helps you seize the day when you have good luck. SlotsGuy.com should be your responsible gambling resource.

Community and Engagement

We encourage visitors to interact with our staff. If you have comments or questions, email us at slotsguy@slotsguy.com. Visit our contact page to learn more. If you have immediate concerns, contact us on social media.
We designed this website as a guide to slot machines. Our goal is not only to have fun playing slots but to share that fun with others. Texans love to chat about their favorite subjects. Contact us so we can talk about slot machines.

Looking to the Future

In the coming months or years, we want to discuss the future of online and mobile gambling. Because designers release new games every week, we’ll continue to review casino games. Of course, we’ll focus a lot of effort on slot game reviews. Whatever happens in the gaming industry, we’ll analyze and provide tips. Bookmark our site and read our updates as they happen.