I Like Butts Slots Strategy

I Like Butts Slot Machine Strategy

I Like Butts Slots Strategy


A Strategy to Help You Find a Slot Machine That Has Recently Been Played

The I Like Butts Slots Strategy

I like butts (don’t we all). First, let me explain what the I Like Butts Slots Strategy is not. You do not look for a butt you like and follow her (or him) until they sit down at a slot machine and then play the machine next to them. Although that could be a good strategy for something else. No, the I Like Butts Slots strategy is something else entirely.

A Strategy for Finding Slot Machines That Have Been Played Recently

My wife uses this strategy to locate slot machines she wants to play. The thinking goes something like this….When the casino is busy, the person who works a particular area of the slot floor cannot keep up with the volume of players in his or her area.

This can work to our advantage. Let me explain. This person’s job is to keep his or her area clean, etc. You will notice them straightening chairs, throwing out drink cups and beer bottles and….emptying ashtrays.

I Like Butts Slots Strategy

When the casino is busy, like on a weekend night, they cannot keep up. So, you use this strategy to see which machine has been recently played. You can tell by the fact that there are cigarette butts in the ashtray next to the machine. The more cigarette butts you see, the longer the machine has been played. The thinking here is that someone played this machine a while and left. They most probably lost, or they would still be playing the game. So, this machine may be due for payout.

I know that this flies in the face of the commonly held notion that no machine is ever due. We all know this. But, I have seen The I Like Butts Slots Strategy work for my wife time and time again. Next time you are in the casino, pay attention to the number of butts in the ashtrays and maybe you can find a hot machine too.