Three Spin Boogie Slots Strategy

This is another favorite slots strategy of mine, one I call the Three Spin Boogie. One of the things that bothers me the most is playing too much money into a cold slot machine. In fact, this is main question faced by the slot player each and every time he or she walks into the casino and sits down in front of a machine to play; when do I cash out, get up and leave or go play another slot game?

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It is a really tough question to answer and the answer is different for each player. Some players will select a pre-determined amount they are willing to lose at each machine they play. Others make the decision to get up and leave based up on intuition or their feel for the game. My buddy Hal is in the latter camp and he does very well. It drives me crazy as I tend to be more analytical about things.

The three spin boogie slots strategy is another way ensuring that you are not going to lose your entire gambling stake for the evening in one slot machine. And, in my opinion, it keeps things interesting. I am guessing that you have probably already figured out how the strategy works, but, here it is anyway:

How To Play The Three Spin Slots Strategy

Using the three spin boogie slots strategy you are going to select a slot machine, spin it three times and then boogie (or leave) to find the next slot machine tickles your fancy. This is obviously a real slots system to implement. My friend Jerry, who by the way says that Super Bowl weekend is the best time to visit Las Vegas, told me about this strategy. Jerry has a few years on me and loves to go out to Vegas and party hard while he is trying to take money from the casinos. He is also the originator of the infamous “Plan B” gambling strategy which I will write about at a later date.

Do Slots Strategies Really Work?

When Jerry first told me about this strategy and how he had used it to great success at places like Caesar’s and the Flamingo out in Vegas my first reaction was to tell him he was full of it. “How the hell can you tell if a game is hot or cold in just three spins?” was my question to him. His response to me was this; “you are missing the point. Almost everyone who cashes out of a slot game does so either after losing all of the money they have put into it or after their luck has turned and they have experienced a significant losing streak. In my mind, those machines are ready to pay off and I want to try them for a few quick spins to see if I am right. If not, there is another machine waiting right next to it. Besides, have you noticed that when you start play a slot machine a lot of the times you win something on the first couple of spins?”

I thought about that for a minute and was forced to admit that yes, it does seem like most time I win something in the first two or three spins and said as much. “Exactly” he said. “Moreover, this way you do not get bored you are always hopping from one machine to another and taking small breaks here and there. It breaks up the monotony and can help your money go a little further for you if your luck is bad.”

Jerry then went on to tell me how he uses this strategy along with the Blank Payline slots strategy. The two strategies do dovetail well together and have the same basic premise. I have used the the three spin boogie slots strategy a number of times, in Las Vegas, New Orleans and the Indian casinos in Oklahoma. To me, it is a lot of fun as it keeps me moving throughout the casino and I do not get bored.

And yes, on a few occasions I have made some pretty good money with the strategy. Give it a try and see if it works out for you.