Crypto Betting Bonuses: How Crypto Welcome Offers Work

Crypto bonuses are a great way to start betting on sports online. The best crypto sportsbooks offer hundreds if not thousands of bonus dollars for new and ongoing customers. Bettors accept the free play cash, which gives them a chance to test a bookmaker’s odds and sports betting markets without risk. 

Our guide to crypto bonuses covers every aspect of blockchain sportsbook incentives. It focuses on top crypto deposit methods like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, and Ethereum. We discuss Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses, Ethereum betting rewards, and Litecoin gambling promotions. We explain token betting rewards and how they differ from standing crypto betting bonuses. Once finished, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of Bitcoin bonuses. 

Crypto Betting Bonuses

Crypto casinos feature betting bonuses in hopes Bitcoin players sign up and deposit at their site. These crypto-betting bonuses range in the thousands of dollars. While they don’t assure players will cash out thousands in free cash, they weigh the odds more in the favor of the player. 

Players will find a variety of crypto bonuses at sportsbooks. We’ll go over the most common options that bettors encounter. For now, let’s discuss welcome bonuses. 

Crypto Betting Welcome Offers

Welcome offers are the biggest and most lucrative promotions that sports betting sites have. These range between $3000 and $14,000 at the best US online sportsbooks. Some give free crypto bonuses for the first deposit, while others give bonus credits for the first series of deposits. Three, five, and nine deposits are popular choices for many crypto-betting welcome offers. 

Sites vary in what they offer. Some offer simple cash (or crypto). Others offer risk-free bets — called “No Sweat Bets” by some operators. Still others combine their sportsbook bonuses with casino bonuses. Sports bettors who like to play casino games gravitate towards those sites. 

Crypto Betting Reload Bonuses

The next type of blockchain sportsbook incentives (reload bonuses) are far more numerous than crypto welcome bonuses. That’s because sportsbooks only offer one crypto welcome bonus per site, but offer many reload bonuses. 

Sites have many different approaches to these offers. Some focus on daily or weekly bonuses, encouraging bettors to make deposits during the weekdays (when business is slower.) Others focus on weekend bonuses. Some give more bonus cash if you use a specific crypto or set of cryptos. 

Thus, you’ll find Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses or gambling promotions that focus on Litecoin or Tether. Or you might find a sportsbook VIP program that gives preference to Ethereum betting rewards. In many cases, though, all virtual currency sportsbook bonuses are grouped. The rewards will be the same, whether you use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Tether. 

Virtual Currency Sportsbook Bonuses for Specific Sports

A handful of sportsbooks offer cryptocurrency bonuses for specific sports. While some do continually, most promote virtual currency bonus offers for specific sports at the start of a sport’s season. 

Thus, you’ll find sportsbook bonuses for the NFL at the start of the NFL’s regular season or the college football season. The same goes for basketball bonuses at the start of the NBA or NCAA basketball season. It also applies to NHL hockey and MLB baseball. 

Sportsbooks tend to focus on the major sports. You might not find crypto sportsbook bonuses at the start of the season for lacrosse, darts, or volleyball. US sportsbooks do offer special bonuses for the English Premier League, UFC, tennis, and golf. 

Guide to Crypto Betting Welcome Offers in 2024

We recommend a half-dozen online sportsbooks that have lucrative digital currency betting bonuses. In all cases, these sportsbooks support deposits with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. 

Some support payments with up to 16 different crypto methods. If you want the maximum options, focus on Bovada, BetOnline, and All three support many crypto methods. 

With that in mind, look at these six blockchain sportsbook incentives. Each is different, so sports bettors will differ in their opinion on which is best. 

Bovada Sportsbook Bonus: Best First Deposit Bonus

Bovada offers a $750 sports welcome bonus when crypto users make a deposit. Non-crypto deposits only get a $250 bonus, so using crypto pays at Bovada Sportsbook. 

This offer has a 5x wagering requirement. Use the promo code BTCSWB750 to activate the bonus on your first crypto deposit. 

MyBookie Sportsbook Bonus: Most Flexible Crypto Bonus

MyBookie Sports has a flexible offer with many advantages for low rollers. When you make your first deposit, you can choose one of two crypto deposit offers. 

The first is a $200 first deposit bonus with a 1x wagering requirement. Use the promo code 200CASH to receive this offer. With the low playthrough, it’s the best bonus for those who want to cash out quickly. Remember to make a $45 deposit, because it’s the minimum qualifying amount. 

The second option is a $1000 first deposit bonus with a 10x rollover requirement. This offer has the bonus code MYB50. It’s named that because the minimum deposit required is $50. Since it has a 10x rollover, we suggest you only choose this option if you’re depositing more than $200. 

BetOnline Crypto Betting Bonus: Trusted Crypto Sportsbook

The biggest offer is the $1,000 welcome bonus at BetOnline Sportsbook. This offer has a minimum deposit amount of $55, a 30-day expiry, and a 10x wagering requirement. Use the coupon code BET1000 to receive this offer. 

VISIT BETONLINE SPORTSBOOK Crypto Betting Bonus: Stretched Over 2 Deposits is the sister site to BetOnline. For that reason, it’s no surprise that SportsBetting’s offer is like BetOnline’s. It’s good for bettors who don’t want to deposit $1000 at a time. 

With the SportsBetting offer, you can make two $500 deposits and receive a total of $1000 over your first two deposits. Thus, make a first deposit of $500 to receive $500 in bonus cash. Then make a second deposit of $500 to receive another $500 in cash. The promo code for each is DOUBLEUP. 

SportsBetting Sportsbook also has a 25% sports reload bonus that applies to crypto payments.


BetUS Sportsbook: Biggest Crypto Sportsbook Bonus

BetUS Sportsbook has the biggest offer among the sites that we trust. It’s a 125% sign-up bonus up to $3,125 when you use the promo code JOIN125. It has a 10x rollover for sports bets and includes up to 30 risk-free bets when you make a $100 deposit. 

Only $2,500 of the bonus is for the sportsbook, but that’s still larger than the others on this list. The remaining $625 must be used in the BetUS casino. For more information, read our analysis further down the page about BetUS’s crypto bonuses. 


XBet Sportsbook Crypto Bonus

XBet has a 50%, $500 crypto deposit bonus with a $10 casino chip included. To activate this offer, use the promo code XBET50 and make a minimum deposit of $45. The rollover requirement for sports betting is 7x the bonus. 

Digital Currency Betting Bonuses Explained

If the examples above confuse you, then keep reading for a full explanation of how digital currency bonuses work at sportsbooks. If you’ve ever accepted bonuses at sportsbooks or online casinos before, then the same rules apply. 

Nothing is different between Bitcoin bonuses and credit card bonuses. The main difference is how you fund your account. Other than that, you’ll receive bigger rewards when you deposit using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. Let’s go over each crypto method. 

Bitcoin Sportsbook Bonuses

Bitcoin sportsbooks bonuses are synonymous with crypto bonuses. Any site that supports crypto payments are going to include Bitcoin among its accepted banking methods. In 99% of those cases, the crypto betting bonuses include Bitcoin as a payment option. 

That certainly applies to the various sportsbooks we’ve discussed on this page. If you want Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses, you can find them at Bovada, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, BetUS, MyBookie, and XBet. 

Litecoin Gambling Promotions

In most cases, the same goes for Litecoin gambling promotions. Litecoin was the second major crypto method and the first altcoin to challenge Bitcoin (and remain viable). It stands to reason that most crypto online sportsbooks support Litecoin. 

You’ll find gambling promotions that accept Litecoin deposits at all of the sportsbooks listed above. That includes Bovada, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, BetUS, MyBookie, and XBet. 

Ethereum Betting Rewards

In most cases, Ethereum betting rewards work the same as they do for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Most US sportsbook sites group all the crypto deposit methods together. Thus, if a site offers a Bitcoin bonus or Litecoin bonus, the same deal applies to Ethereum. Thus, Ethereum welcome bonuses are widespread. 

That’s certainly the case at sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. Ethereum is a payment and withdrawal option at all three sportsbooks, so their bonuses apply to Ether deposits. The crypto bonuses are higher at those sites — $750 for Ethereum and only $250 for credit cards at Bovada. 

If you want Ethereum betting rewards, you’ll find them at MyBookie, XBet, and BetUS as well. 

Crypto Betting Cashback

When it comes to getting cashback through crypto betting, you’ll want to focus on sites with excellent loyalty programs and VIP clubs. These work like comps at land-based casinos, where you get special rewards when you give the gambling venue a lot of action. 

Make a lot of sports bets and you’ll receive many incentives. Some sportsbooks offer free bonus chips. Some offer higher withdrawal limits. Others give away free chips, cars, or other merchandise. Still others give a player cashback or risk-free bets. 

How to Maximize Blockchain Sportsbook Incentives

The best way to maximize blockchain sportsbook incentives is to find the maximum deposit amount, then deposit that exact amount. Take the best Crypto Bonus at BetUS Sportsbook for example. In the following example, the best way to maximum your sportsbook incentives would be to make a $2,500 deposit. 

200% Crypto Bonus +30 Risk-Free Bets

The best crypto bonus for a US online sportsbook is at BetUS. You’ll receive a 200% Crypto Bonus plus up to 30 risk-free bets when you make a minimum deposit of $100. The maximum deposit is $2,500, but the maximum bonus for sports bettors is $3,750. Use the coupon code JOIN200 to receive this offer. 

This offer is complicated, so let’s do a deep dive into it. While it states 200%, it’s 150% for the sportsbook and 50% for the casino. When you max out the deposit at $2,500, you’ll receive the full bonus of $3,750. This bonus has a 15x rollover on sports betting. 

It also comes with a 50% casino bonus, meaning you’ll receive an additional $1,250 for casino games. This has a 30x rollover and a maximum release of $5,000 on casino games. The offer has a 7-day expiry term. 

How the Risk-Free Bet Works at BetUS Sportsbook

If you make a $100 deposit, then you qualify for the 30 risk-free bet offer. Customers can redeem a risk-free bet that’s capped at 10% of their most recent deposit amount. If you make a $100 deposit, then you’ll get a risk-free bet of $10. This is capped at $100, so high rollers receive $100 risk-free bets. 

Thus, a $100 deposit equals a $10 risk-free bet. A $200 deposit equals a $20 risk-free bet, while a $1000 deposit equals a $100 risk-free bet. The offer has a 3x rollover and a 5x max cashout. 

What is Staking in Crypto Exchanges?

If you hold on to your crypto for a long time, then you should be staking. Otherwise, your crypto sits in your account and doesn’t earn passive income for you. If you stake, that same crypto can be earning rewards for you. In turn, these rewards can be used for sports betting (or other activities.)

Staking is a way to earn rewards while you hold onto a cryptocurrency. When you do so, you’ll earn staking rewards. This is done through a consensus mechanism called “Proof of Stake.” 

The first thing crypto users should understand is Bitcoin doesn’t allow staking. That means the best cryptos for sportsbook users who want to earn rewards are Ethereum and Litecoin. Later, we’ll explain how to earn rewards using both of those altcoins. For now, we’ll explain how staking works. 

Proof of Work Explained

Bitcoin is a simple blockchain that works similar to a bank ledger. Its consensus mechanism is called “Proof of Work.” This mechanism puts a lot of computing power into validating transactions like a bank ledger would. This is done through the process of “mining”, which lets someone solve a cryptologic puzzle. 

If they do, then the Bitcoin miner receives a few crypto units for their trouble. Proof of Work is scalable for a simple blockchain like Bitcoin, but it doesn’t work for Ethereum or Litecoin. 

Proof of Stake Explained

Proof of Stake is designed to lower fees by increasing speed and efficiency. Miners don’t have to solve math problems, which is an energy-intensive process. Instead, people validate transactions by staking their tokens. Thus, staking serves the same purpose that Bitcoin mining once did. 

Thus, staking is the process by which a network participant gets selected to add the latest set of transactions to the blockchain. Stakers also establish which blocks are valid. When they do so, they earn crypto. 

In short, users vote their tokens to ensure the blockchain is secure. When they do so, their staked tokens are an assurance that the stakers are acting in good faith. The reason: staking tokens is a disincentive to violating the rules. 

How to Earn Ethereum Betting Rewards Through Staking

Pooled staking is the best way to earn Ethereum betting rewards. Pooled staking works much like pooled mining in the old days. Now that Ethereum has moved to a “proof of stake” instead of a “proof of work” system, anyone with 32 Ether can engage in staking. 

You’ll find three ways to stake Ethereum: solo staking, staking ETH as a service, and pooled staking. Let’s go through all three. 

Solo Staking of Ethereum

Solo staking is best for people with a bigger starting fund. If you have 32 ETH, this could be the best for you. It offers the biggest rewards since you won’t have to share the rewards with anyone else. 

In this case, you receive rewards for batching transactions into a new block. If you prefer, you can oversee the work of other people who validate transactions on the Ethereum network. 

Besides a high initial investment, solo staking carries a higher risk than other options. Your ETH will be at stake constantly. It also requires the use of demanding hardware, so you need a stable Internet connection to do this. 

Staking ETH as a Service

The next option is staking ETH as a service. This is like solo staking, but is for people who don’t have the technical expertise for solo staking. It’s also for those who don’t want to run their validator node. 

Staking as a service means you let third-party operators run your validator nodes for you. The SaaS method means you won’t have to go through the setup process yourself, though you will need 32 ETH. 

The drawback is you must hand over access to your funds to someone else. Some services allow you to keep your withdrawal and transfer keys private, but not all services do. Research to learn which gives you privacy and control. 

The other drawback is you can lose your own funds because it’s your ETH at stake. 

Pooled Staking of Ethereum 

In this case, you pool your Ethereum with others. This has the lowest minimum requirements. It doesn’t require 32 Ether. Instead, it requires as little as 0.01 ETH. 

Simply deposit your crypto funds directly to a pooled staking platform. Alternately, trade for the staking liquidity token of the platform you plan to use. This makes pooled staking a lot simpler than the previous two options. 

Different staking services exist. Each of these have their own rewards and other method of accumulation. They do have one thing in common: counterparty risk. You must research the services, because you are entrusting your ETH to them. 

Staking Ethereum through centralized exchanges (CEXs) is a possible option, but Ethereum discourages this method. It jeopardizes the decentralized nature of the blockchain. 

Ethereum Rewards Through Staking: Sports Betting with ETH

Most readers likely will choose the pooled staking option. Once you do, you’ll earn rewards for the staking process. The rewards are smaller than you’d receive for solo staking, but the risks are lesser.

Once you earn more ETH, you can put this towards your sports betting bankroll. It’s a long-term way to look at your crypto betting, but it also incurs lower risk if you use passive income for your betting stake. 

Understanding Token Betting Rewards in the Crypto Market

Online gambling tokens are a major market. The projected value of the market will be $125.6 billion a year by 2027. Token bettors invest in crypto tokens, which they can then use to gamble on an array of sports. 

Blockchain offers several ways to use gambling tokens. There are community-driven casino experiences such as TG.Casino, Decentral Games, SolCasino, FUNToken, and Hamster. You’ll find crypto tokens for bets in blockchain-backed sporting markets, including Gambit Rewards, ExceedMe, and HeroCoin. 

Rollbit Coin handles both casino games and sports betting. Each token offers the kind of security, transparency, and decentralization that crypto users prefer. Coincidentally, they also offer a way to build passive income in-between bets.  

Token Betting Rewards

No crypto sportsbooks that we follow offer their own token betting rewards. Instead, you collect them offsite and use your rewards for your sports betting hobby. Once you have tokens, you can use them to bet on a variety of sporting events. 

A complete range of betting opportunities exist. You can bet on American football, basketball, baseball, or golf. Horse racing and auto racing are possibilities. So are soccer, tennis, and golf. If you prefer alternate sporting events, you can choose MMA, boxing, or Esports. 

Crypto Bonuses FAQ

What are the best Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses for new users?

BetOnline has a nice Bitcoin sportsbook bonus for new users. It’s a 50% sportsbook bonus up to $1000 for a first deposit when you use the promo code BET1000. The minimum deposit requirement is $55 and it has a 10x rollover. 

BetOnline also has a 25% reload bonus up to $250 for continuing bettors. The coupon code in this case is LIFEBONUS and the minimum deposit requirement is $100. The rollover requirement is 6x the bonus. 

We suggest BetOnline’s crypto bonuses because they are straightforward for new users. They don’t require multiple deposits. They don’t have casino bonuses involved in them. BetOnline is a trustworthy, reliable sportsbook with easy-to-use crypto bonuses. 

What is the 5x rollover on a crypto bonus?

This is the amount of times you must wager the bonus that you receive before withdrawing it. If you receive a $200 crypto bonus with a 5x rollover, then you must wager $1000 in sports bets before withdrawing the bonus plus winnings. 

The vig on sports bets is 10%, so a player who breaks even on their bets should lose $100 of their $200 bonus when making $1000 worth of sports bets. Thus, the average bettors should walk away with $100 in cash after the rollover requirement is settled. 

What are the top Litecoin gambling promotions for sports betting?

Bovada has solid Litecoin gambling promotions for sports betting. The welcome bonus for crypto users is $750 at a 100% match rate. Though it’s a smaller total bonus, it edges out BetOnline’s crypto welcome bonus with many bettors because it’s at a 100% match rate. You get more bang for your buck. 

Where can I find crypto betting cashback offers for live betting?

Most crypto sportsbooks don’t discriminate when it comes to pregame betting or live betting. Either type of action works to clear the wagering requirement for a crypto sports betting bonus. 

If you’re looking for crypto cashback offers specifically, you’ll find several crypto sites that offer 10% cashback. CloudBet, Fortune Jack, and BC.Game come to mind. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend any trusted online sportsbooks that offer crypto betting cash offers currently. 

Can you point out digital currency betting bonuses for Esports?

Yes. Most of the sites we’ve discussed on this page for cryptocurrency betting bonuses that include Esports. None that we know exclude Esports from the list of sports betting markets that clear the wagering requirement. Thus, BetOnline, Bovada, XBet, and MyBookie all have crypto bonuses for Esports. 

Some are better than others. BetOnline Sports devotes a lot of resources to Esports. It supports bets on DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, NBA2K, FIFA, King of Glory, and Age of Empires II. 

XBet Sportsbook has an excellent list of Esports: League of Legends, Counter Strike, DOTA 2, Starcraft, and Call of Duty. Each of these has multiple events at any given time. All XBet’s crypto sportsbook bonuses apply to Esports competitions. 

MyBookie features a more limited set of betting options. You can choose Counter Strike betting like CS:GO: Iceland, but some options might not be available. MyBookie also features League of Legends betting, including Lol: Riot Games and LoL: LVP. 

What are the top Litecoin gambling promotions for sports betting?

If you want the biggest bonus for Litecoin deposits, choose BetUS’s crypto bonuses. You can receive up to $5000 in crypto bonuses at BetUS, though a lesser percentage of that bonus cash will be for casino games. Most of it applies to sports betting, and Litecoin is an accepted banking method for BetUS crypto bonuses. 

Can I withdraw a sportsbook bonus using crypto?

Yes. You won’t withdraw cash from every sportsbook bonus you collect. Sometimes, you’ll lose the bonus cash when your bets don’t hit. Or you might have a run of bad luck and the vig take the rest of the cash. But many sports bettors end up cashing out their bonus money and winnings once the rollover is satisfied. 

When they do, sportsbooks that support digital currency will let you cash out with any crypto method. They encourage crypto withdrawals. Crypto payouts are free, but they often take a matter of minutes or hours to complete.  

Can you recommend crypto betting referral rewards for popular sportsbooks? 

Bovada is an excellent choice if you want to collect refer-a-friend bonuses in crypto units. When you refer a friend to Bovada and they make a qualifying deposit, you’ll receive a 200% referral match bonus up to $200. If your referral makes a first deposit with either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or another crypto method, you’ll receive another $75. 

Refer a crypto sports bettor to Bovada and you’ll receive up to $275 for each referral. That’s a nice offer. 

Are crypto sportsbook bonuses worth it?

Absolutely. Sportsbook bonuses don’t assure that you’ll end up with bonus money to cash out. They offer the chance to collect free cash or crypto if you get lucky with the bonus cash. Some bettors will blow all their bonus money on bad sports bets. Others will be close to the average and cash out a bit of money. Still others will exceed expectations and cash out a whole bunch of bonus money. 

Keep in mind the terms of service. Read the wagering requirement, the minimum deposit requirement, the max cashout stipulation, and the max bet stipulation. The max bet is important in sports bets because the sportsbooks don’t want you to clear the requirement with one single $1000 bet. Often, $10 is the max bet, meaning you would need to make one hundred $10 bets before cashing out.