The Lurk and Pop Slots Strategy (Does Lurking Slot Machines Work?)

Let someone else feed the machine, then pop in and win.

Does Lurking Slot Machines Work?

This strategy asks you to look for slot players that have put a fair amount of money into a slot machine and lost. You are waiting for them to admit defeat and leave the machine. So, lurk… wait around the corner, behind another bank of machines, or wait right behind them until they give up and then jump right into their chair and see if you can hit a quick winner.

Just a Few Quick Spins is All You Risk

Make sure that when you do jump into that chair that you only spin the reels a few times. No more than five times. You need to keep in mind that this is a cold machine as someone just lost all of their money into it. So, jump in and win. Or, you must get out and find another loser to watch for.

You Are Just Playing the Percentages

The theory behind this strategy is that the person before you did not hit a decent winner. So, now the machine is “due”. I do not subscribe to this notion. But, I have seen it happen any number of times. So, I am not going to totally discount the logic of it.

Lurk and Pop Slots Strategy

Check out this lady lurking around. The girl at the slot machine is winning and laughing at her, but this is a classic example of a Lurk and Pop.

I HATE Lurkers

Please don’t do this to me. We have all seen these people. They watch you. Some are even bold enough to stand right behind you. One night, I lost $700 into a Star Spangled Sevens slot machine (stupid, I know) and this old lady almost knocked me out of the way as I was leaving in her haste to play my machine. It is for this very reason that I will not risk more than $50 to $100 in a $1 machine. I also walk far away from any machine I have lost money into. I do not want to be in eyesight of it should someone sit down at the machine I have just left and hit a jackpot. Believe me, there is no worse feeling in the world than to watch that happen.

We Are All Lurkers to Some Extent

I generally will not wait for someone to lose and then go play their machine. To me, it is bad form. And, I do not want to do to someone else what I hate being done to me. That said, suppose I am at a bank of machines and I am playing somewhere around even. Nothing good or bad is happening to me. If you are playing on the machine next to me and leave and I know that you did not win, I might just cash out of my machine and try yours for a few spins. I think we all do that at one time or another. Many times my wife and I split up. She plays her favorite slots and I go play mine. When I go looking for her and find her, she will often say “Try that machine. Some woman just lost $300 in it.” And, most times I will.

There are Lurkers Everywhere.

You will see these people every time you visit the casino. I do. If you happen to be one of them, steer clear of me. Many times when I can feel someone watching me, I will play slow on purpose. Lurkers bother the crap out of me.