Red Screen Slot Machines (VGT Slots Strategy Tips)

Unlock the secrets to winning big on red screen slot machines, also known as VGT slots, found in Native American casinos across Oklahoma. Discover the strategy that has made players like Hal pocket substantial jackpots and explore the unique mechanics behind the elusive red screen bonus. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to maximize your chances of success on these exciting casino machines.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Red screen slot machines, also known as VGT slots, offer a re-spin feature triggered when the screen turns red.
  • These games are popular in Native American casinos, primarily in Oklahoma.
  • VGT specializes in Class II gaming machines, including analog and video-based reel slots.
  • Red screen bonus rounds occur when players make a series of bingo matches, leading to respins with increasing jackpots.
  • The red screen re-spin bonus is random but typically occurs on about 20% of winning spins.
  • A strategic approach to playing red screen slots involves managing a bankroll, setting stop loss limits, and ratholing winnings.
  • Players aim to catch hot streaks and continue playing with their profits.
  • A list of red screen slot machine games is provided.
  • FAQs explain how the random number generator works on red screen slots and why they are not found in Las Vegas.

What are red screen slot machines (VGT slots), and how do their bonus rounds work?

Red screen slot machines, also known as VGT slots, are popular in Native American casinos, particularly in Oklahoma. These machines offer a unique bonus feature called the red screen bonus, which is triggered when players achieve a series of bingo matches. During the bonus, the screen turns red, and players receive respins with increasingly higher jackpots. This feature is a key attraction for players seeking big wins on these games.

Here’s a strategy for winning more money on the red screen slot machines found in tribal casinos. A red screen slot machine game is one of a number of VGT slots that offer a re-spin feature that’s triggered when the screen turns red.

Some of the more popular games red screen games include Hot Red Ruby, Lucky Ducky, Lucky Leprechaun, Mr. Money Bags, and Star Spangled Sevens. You can find a more complete list of these games toward the end of this post.

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Red Screen Slot Machines - Hunt for Neptune's Gold
Red Screen Slot Machines – Hunt for Neptune’s Gold

What Is a Red Screen Slots Machine (VGT Slots)?

What are known as “red screen slot machines” (or “VGT slots”) are a series of slot machines made by VGT Slots ( Video Gaming Technologies) based in Tennessee. The company was founded in 1991. VGT specializes in games and slots machines for Class II gaming establishments. This type of gaming casino are predominately Native American Casinos, mostly found in Oklahoma.

VGT slots are known for their basic 3 to 5 reel slot machines that are mostly analog, but the company is adding more video based reel machines as technology and demand increase. These games are wildly favored by players because of their easy to follow rules and high paying bonus rounds known as red screens.

The bonus rounds are called red screens because the screen turns red and starts a series of respins. This is covered in-depth later in this post.

Basically, a red screen slot machine will turn the screen red and start a series of respins and give the player increasingly higher jackpots on the spins. Since VGT slots use a bingo based game layout, the player hits a red screen when they have made a series of bingo matches.

How Does the Red Screen Re-spin Bonus Get Triggered

I called VGT (the manufacturer of this kind of games) and spoke to them about this red screen re-spin.

They told me that the re-spin bonus is completely random.

But, if you play VGT slots often enough, you’ll notice that you only get the red screen when you have a winning spin.  Typically you’ll get a red screen re-spin on about 1 out of 5 winning spins — in other words, on 20% of your winning spins.

And, the larger the winning spin, the greater the award on the red screen re-spin.

Here’s an example:

Most of the time, you’ll get a higher red screen bonus from a re-spin generated from 3 bars then you will from a win resulting from having a cherry symbol on the pay line. And sometimes the reels will spin more than once.

The largest number of spins I’ve seen or heard about is 5 spins. Keep in mind, though, that this does not necessarily mean you’ll get a larger winner from 5 spins than you would from a single re-spin.

I hit a $4,000 jackpot on a single re-spin, but I also hit a 3 spin bonus that only yielded $275 in winnings.

How To Play Hal’s Red Screen Slots Strategy

My buddy Hal taught me how to play the red screen machines. In 2009, he had 17 IRS tickets from the Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. This means that 17 times he hit jackpots of over $1200.

In 2010, we met up at Choctaw Casino a number of times. I’ve seen him hit winners of $5000, $4000, $3600, $2500, and $1400. I’ve also see him hit many smaller but substantial wins.

He told me he was up over $15,000 for 2009, and he’s made a believer out of me and my wife.

Here’s how he does it:

Hal plays the dollar slots from VGT, but his strategy works on quarter games, too. It will also work on $2 or $5 games.

He takes from $200 to $500 as a trip bankroll when he goes to play. He puts $100 into a machine (20% to 50% of his trip bankroll).

If the machine doesn’t start paying out after he has played $50, he moves to another VGT red screen game.

His goal is to get a red screen and hit the re-spin bonus.

Some nights he comes up short. He sometimes just doesn’t find a machine that is paying out.

On other night, he starts hitting red screens and winning $200 here and $300 there. Sometimes he hits a jackpot, too.

On the nights when he’s winning, he sets most of his winnings aside. Then he takes $100, $200 or $300 and plays with that amount. Sometimes it’s his lucky night, and he hits it big.

Other nights, he loses the second session bankroll, but he still has the winnings he already pocketed when he drives home to Dallas.

Hal’s Red Screen VGT Slots Strategy Has Worked For Me

Since Hal told me how he beats the VGT Slots, my wife and I have hit several jackpots, including $4000 on Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike. We win more often than we lose, and we’re up over $7,000 for the last quarter.

Some nights we’re only in the casino for an hour and a half. We have either burned through our bankroll or hit a few smaller winners and want to leave the casinos winners.

Other nights, we stick around for 4  or 5 hours. These are always the big winning trips.

Strategic Concepts at Play Here

Several traditional slot machine strategy concepts are at play in Hal’s red screen slot machine strategy.

The first of these is the concept of a bankroll. A bankroll is just an amount of money you’ve set aside for gambling purposes. In Hal’s case, he uses a trip bankroll of $200 to $500. This is also his “session bankroll,” the amount of money he’s willing to play with during a single session.

The next concept is a stop loss strategy. In money management techniques, which are what slot machine strategies consist of, you use a win goal and a stop loss strategy. Your stop loss limit is the amount of money you’re willing to lose before calling it quits.

In Hal’s case, he’s only willing to lose 50% of his bankroll on a given machine before moving on to another machine.

Another concept here is “ratholing.” This is a funny phrase that describe setting aside your winnings when you get ahead. It’s also the idea behind getting ahead and setting aside some or all of your profits — you’re “ratholing” those profits.

Also, Hal’s strategy involved “playing with the casino’s money.” Once you get ahead, you pocket your winnings and go back to playing with your original bankroll of $100 or 100 betting units. Since you won this, it’s the house’s money. (Of course, any money that belongs to you, whether you won it from the casino or not, is YOUR money, but people like to think of money they’ve won as “the house’s money” — at least when they’re gambling with it.

Finally, Hal’s red screen strategy involves catching “hot streaks.” When you’re dealing with games that are entirely random, they’ll eventually get on hot or cold streaks. Those hot and/or cold streaks are unpredictable and only visible in retrospect, but they happen.

By pocketing your winnings when you get ahead, you’re capitalizing on a possible hot streak by continuing to play with some of the money you’ve won.

List of Red Screen Slot Machine Games

Here’s a list of red screen slot machine games that I know about — there might be more than this:

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Screen Slots

Here are my best answers to some frequently asked questions about red screen slot machines:

How Does the Random Number Generator Work on Red Screen Slots?

Most people who know a little bit about slots know what a random number generator (RNG) is and has a general idea of how it works.

But just in case, here’s a quick rundown:

A random number generator is a computer program that thinks of thousands of numbers per second. When you press the spin button on a slot machine game, the computer stops at whatever number it was thinking about at that fraction of a second.

This makes a spin of the reels on a slot machine basically random, even though the computer program is just counting the numbers sequentially. It’s thinking so fast that there’s no way to time it, so it’s basically random.

With traditional slot machine games, each number corresponds to a combination of reel symbols.

With red screen slots, each number corresponds to the results of an electronic bingo game. These results are compared to the other results of the other games in the network, which are also participating in this bingo game.

The reason this works differently has to do with the classification of the slot machines. In Oklahoma — like at the Winstar — and in some other states with tribal casinos (like Wisconsin), bingo games are legal.

But standard random number generators that power standard slot machines aren’t.

From a player perspective, though, the difference is almost nonexistent. You just have an extra display on the screen showing your electronic bingo card and its results every time you spin.

Why Don’t They Offer Red Screen Slot Machines in Las Vegas?

Red screen slot machines are a product of VGT Slots, which specializes in those bingo-based slot machine games offered in Oklahoma — the ones I talked about in my answer to that last question. Louisiana is another state with tribal casinos.

Since Las Vegas slot machines don’t have to adhere to these bingo classifications, they don’t bother offering their games there.

This doesn’t mean that the VGT slots are somehow inferior to the more traditional slot machine games found in Las Vegas casinos. In fact, a lot of my friends — Hal included — prefer the red screen slots to almost any game they’ve found in Sin City.


Give Hal’s strategy a try next time you visit a casino with VGT red screen slot machines for yourself.

And let me know if it works as well for you as it does for me and Hal.

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