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Loosest Slots at French Lick Casino (2023 Indiana Slot Machines)

The Loosest Slot Machines in French Lick, Indiana

If you’re in Indiana you probably know the state has quite a few casinos. And if you visit the French Lick Resort, you might be interested in the slots there — and more importantly, the loosest slots at French Lick.

The loosest slots in French Lick are $1 and $5 slot machines.

And the tightest slots at French Lick are penny denomination slots. To learn more about why the loosest slots at French Lick are $5 and $1 denominations, keep reading.




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How to Find the Loosest Slots in French Lick, Indiana

You don’t have many options for playing slots in French Lick, Indiana. But there are slot machines there, so I’m going to explain how to find the loosest slots in French Lick, Indiana.

French Lick, Indiana only has one casino. You can learn more about the French Lick Casino in the next section.

The state of Indiana publishes reports including gaming revenue for the French Lick Casino. The reports only list the revenue and profits for electronic gambling devices as a whole, though.

Electronic gambling devices include slots machines, video poker machines, and other electronic games. In other words, slot machine revenues aren’t separated from video poker and other gaming machines in the report.

Also, the electronic gaming devices aren’t separated by denomination. Many states break slots revenue down by denomination so you can see which slots are loosest.

Slot machine manufacturers don’t publicly publish returns for their machines. This makes identifying the loosest slots at French Lick hard. However, I can share some information with you from what I know about loose slots in other states.

And because the slot machines you find in French Lick are the same slots you play in casinos in other states, I can help you find the loosest slots.

In almost every state that breaks slot machine returns down by denomination, the loosest slots are $5 and $1 machines. Quarter slots are usually next on the list. And penny slots are almost always the tightest slot machines.

So, the loosest slot machines in French Lick, Indiana are $5 and $1 denomination machines.

Loose Slot Machines at French Lick Casino

French Lick, Indiana only has a single casino. The French Lick Resort has a casino called the French Lick Casino. Here are some details about slot machines at French Lick casino:

The casino at French Lick has 700 slot machines. Popular slot machines at the French Lick Casino include:

Located at 8670 West State Road 56 in French Lick, Indiana, the French Lick Resort presents as a destination and resort first, with a casino as almost an afterthought.

The resort boasts two AAA four diamond hotels, two spas, three golf courses, and 3,200 acres to explore.

In addition to 700 slot machines, the French Lick Casino has 25 table games including blackjack, roulette, and craps, and offers sports betting. French Lick also advertises that are a smoke-free casino.

Loose Slots Near French Lick, Indiana

While the French Lick Casino offers the only slot machines in French Lick, you can find loose slots near French Lick, Indiana if you’re willing to travel a short distance.

Caesars Southern Indiana sits 47 miles from French Lick, and Bally’s Evansville sits 66 miles from French Lick. Both offer slot machines.

Here are details about both Caesars Southern Indiana and Bally’s Evansville slots:

Caesars Southern Indiana

Located at 11999 Casino Center Drive in Elizabeth, Indiana, Caesars Southern Indiana has 1,100 slot machines as well as casino table games and sports betting.

Popular slots games at Caesars Southern Indiana include:

  • Wild Party Progressive
  • Quick Hits
  • Hot Shot Progressives
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Willy Wonka
  • Lightning Link
  • Tarzan

The same rules for finding loose slot machines in French Lick hold true at Caesars Southern Indiana. The loosest slots at Caesars Southern Indiana are $5 and $1 denomination machines.

Bally’s Evansville

Located at 421 North West Riverside Drive in Evansville, Indiana, Bally’s Evansville has 1,000 slot machines, 30 casino table games, a sportsbook, and a high roller room.

Popular slots games at Bally’s Evansville include:

  • Ultimate Fire Link
  • Ultra Hot Mega Link
  • Lightning Link
  • Monopoly Money Grab
  • Money Link
  • Dragon Link
  • Rawhide Marshals Bounty

Tightest Slots in French Lick, Indiana

The tightest slots in French Lick, Indiana are the same slots that are the tightest everywhere else. And I know these slots are the most popular, but you should try to avoid playing them at French Lick and everywhere else.

Penny slot machines are the tightest slots at French Lick, Indiana.

If you can’t afford to play $5 and $1 slots, quarter slot machines are your next best bet. But quarter machines usually aren’t much better than penny slots.

Are There Any Loose Progressive Slots at French Lick?

I’ve covered loose slot machines in general. But are there any loose progressive slots at French Lick?

On average, loose slots and progressive slots rarely go together. In fact, overall, progressive slots are usually tighter than slot machines that don’t have progressive jackpots.

Progressive slot machines take a percentage of every bet made and add it to the progressive jackpot. So every spin that doesn’t win the progressive costs a little more than slot machines that don’t have progressive jackpots.

This lowers the overall return percentage on spins you take on progressive slot machines.

Here’s an example:

If you bet $2 per spin on a machine that has a progressive jackpot, and 10 cents goes to the progressive amount, that’s 10 cents less the machine can pay out on other spins. If the machine pays back $1.85 on average for every $2 spin, a machine without the progressive can pay back an average of $1.95 per $2 spin and make the same profit for the casino.

Some progressive slot machines are looser than others. But in general, slots games without a progressive jackpot are looser than progressive slot machines. And many progressive slots are penny slots, which makes these machines a double whammy of bad returns.

General Loose and Tight Slots Considerations in French Lick

The information included so far in this post is accurate. The loosest slots in French Lick are high denomination slots. But the information can also be viewed as general.

Whenever you have to use a wide pool of data to determine loose and tight slots, there can be a lot of variation.

Just because $1 slots are looser than penny slots, in general, doesn’t mean every French Lick slots game with a $1 denomination is looser than every penny machine. So, how do you find the loosest slot machines in the denomination you want to play?

If you want to find the loosest slot machines, you have to play as many different machines as you can. In other words, you have to use a lot of trial and error when you’re looking for loose slots in French Lick.

Play a machine for 15 or 20 minutes and track your results. If the machine doesn’t seem loose, find a different machine. Keep playing different slot machines and tracking results. Eventually, you can find slot machines that are looser than others.

I usually keep a list of the slot machines that seem loose at every casino I visit. And when I visit again, I start with these machines. But sometimes I get lucky and a machine seems loose, but the next time I play it seems tight.

Other Slots in Indiana

The three casinos listed above aren’t the only casinos in Indiana with slot machines.

Other slots in Indiana can be found at the following casinos:

  • Ameristar Casino East Chicago (Formerly Showboat Mardi Gras and Harrah’s)
  • Belterra Casino in Florence
  • Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City
  • Four Winds in South Bend
  • Hard Rock Casino in Gary
  • Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg (Formerly Argosy)
  • Hoosier Park in Anderson
  • Horseshoe Casino in Hammond
  • Horseshoe Casino in Shelbyville (Indianapolis)
  • Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun (Formerly Grand Victoria)

And if you’re in the eastern part of Indiana, you can cross into Ohio to find more slot machines. I recently completed posts with loose slots in Cincinnati and at Miami Valley Gaming.


The loosest slot machines at French Lick are $5 and $1 slots. And the tightest slots at French Lick are penny slot machines.

And if you’re not having any luck finding loose slots at French Lick, you can visit Caesars Southern Indiana Casino and Bally’s Evansville Casino. Both casinos are fairly close and have more slot machines than French Lick Casino.

If you’re looking for a nice resort for a vacation that also has slots games, French Lick, Indiana is a great choice. But if you’re more interested in finding a wide variety of slot machines and a great casino atmosphere, French Lick might not be the best choice.

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