Wheel of Fortune Slots (Online Slot Machine Jackpot)

Wheel of Fortune slots are based on the long running, popular Wheel of Fortune television game show starring Pat Sajak and Vanna White. For years the Wheel of Fortune game show has maintained a large follwing of devoted fans. This popularity has carried over the to the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. International Game Technology (IGT) produces the Wheel of Fortune slot machines. They have acquired a reputation for manufacturing cutting edge, fun to play slot games. Among the other game show themed slots they produce are the Price Is Right slots, Family Feud slots and Jeopardy slots.

Wheel of Fortune Slots in the Casino

If you want to play Wheel of Fortune slots in a land based casino, you won’t have much trouble finding one. Due to their popularity, you will usually find Wheel of Fortune slots machines located in the high traffic areas. Most of the time these machines as part of a bank of progressive slot machines with a digital read out above them, visible from a long ways away, detailing the current progressive jackpot. Usually, you will find a bank of eight Wheel of Fortune slot games with four on a side. Normally, you will find a least one of these banks of progressive slots in the penny, quarter and dollar slot sections of the casino. So, if you can’t find a Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the casino you are visiting, you are just not trying. Hell, I think I have seen these machines in every casino I have ever had the pleasure to visit. From the small time native american indian casinos in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Minnesota to the riverboat casinos in Louisiana, to Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe. I cannot remember not seeing a Wheel of Fortune Slot machine in all of these gaming venues.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Variations

There are several different types of Wheel of Fortune slots that you will comeacross. They can be found in video slot, three reel, and five reel variations. In addition to differences, you can also find Wheel of Fortune Slots with a number of base game options. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Classic
  • Red White and Blue
  • Triple Diamond
  • Five Times Pay
  • Lucky Spin
  • Triple Stars
  • Double Diamond

The base game doesn’t really have anything to do with the main attraction of Wheel of Fortune Slots, which is of course, the bonus round wheel spin.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Online

By now many of you are probably asking, all of this information is great but where can I find an online Wheel of Fortune slot machine game? If you live in the United States, the answer is you can’t. Sorry. Wagerworks produces an online version of the Wheel of Fortune slots game. However, none of the online casinos that are powered by their software accepts US players. All is not lost though. There are several very similar online slot games offered by online casinos that do accept slot players from the U.S.A. Vegas Technologies carries an online slot machine game similar to Wheel of Fortune slots called Wheel of chance. You can play this entertaining slot game at Crazy Slots and Super Slots. Rival Gaming offers a Reel of Fortune slots game that can be played at Superior Casino and Paradise 8 Casino.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Game Play

As we mentioned before, Wheeel of Fortune slot machines come in many variations. You can find them in the three reel classic slot format, a five reel nine payline variation and a video slot machine among other varieties. You can play them as penny slots, quarter slots, dollar slots and I have even seen them in the five and ten dollar slot machines. The latter are a little rich for me. But, nevertheless, I have seen them in Vegas. The base game, whether it is Triple Diamond slots or Five Times Pay, it does not matter, the best strategy is to play the maximum number of coins so that if you win, you will always get the maximum payout.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Bonus Spin

To go along with regular game play, Wheel of Fortune slots also offer bonus spins. In order to be eligible for a bonus round you must bet the maximum number of coins. Be sure check your machine so that you know what that is before spinning th reals. You would not be the first slot player to find out their dismay that they are not eligible for the top jackpot, even though they hit the winning jackpot combination, just because they did not be the right amount of coins.

In most cases, the Wheel of Fortune slots bonus spin is triggered by when three spin bonus symbols line up on the same pay line. The player is prompted to push a button to spin the wheel. For the eight bank progressive games, you will be looking just about the machine to watch the wheel spin. However, there is the big wheel version of the game where the machines are arrayed outside of a big horizontal wheel that spins in the middle. I have seen this verion of the game at the MGM, Ceasar’s and Palazzo in Las Vegas and just inside the front door of Harvey’s in Lake Taho. When the spin stops on a bonus value, the players line bet is multiplied by the bonus value. In the five reel game, five wheel of fortune symbols on the first payline will win you the top award.

Many people have won million dollar payouts on the progressive version of Wheel of Fortune slots. This has no doubt contributed to their contiuning popularity with the slot playing public. I am a big fan of these machines myself and hope to be one of those fortunate few to win a life changing payday.

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