Wager Works (Online Slots Casinos and Software)

Silicon Gaming is a United States based video slot machine manufacturer. In order to get involved with the online gambling world, the company began to offer software through the name WagerWorks. Even though the company does not have a long history of online casino success, their work in the industry definitely gives them the tools they need to produce top of the line software. This can be seen through the neat yet advanced graphics, variety of games, and easy to follow interface.

All games offered by WagerWorks are played in Flash. Obviously, this means that you do not need to download any software in order to get started. Instead, you will be able to save yourself time and space on your computer.

WagerWorks slot machines are among the best that you will find online. There are a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost, they have licensing agreements that allow them to offer unique games such as Wheel of Fortune. On top of this, WagerWorks does a great job in offering enough variety for every player to find something that suits their style. They even offer some games, such as The Price is Right, that feature bonus rounds based on skill, not luck.

WagerWorks Slot Machines

If you get tired of playing WagerWorks slot machines, you can move onto one of the many other games that they offer. Some of the most popular include: video poker, roulette, power blackjack, hi lo, and keno among many others. A large mix of games makes it easy to have fun for hours on end.

WagerWorks offers online casino software that is easy to use, as well as games that are exciting to play. The company may not have as much experience as others, but their connection with Silicon Gaming gives them all that they need in order to thrive within this industry.

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