Microgaming Slots (Online Slot Machine Software)

Microgaming may not be the most well known online casino software provider, but the company does offer many benefits. Since joining this industry, Microgaming has made several updates in order to bring their offerings up to par with the competition. Most recently in 2003, they introduced their Viper software update. Even though the software was running just fine before this, the new features of the Viper update took it to the next level.

The autoplay feature is one of the best of the Viper update. Generally speaking, this includes a built in strategy engine that helps with games such as poker and blackjack. The best way to determine if you are using the old software or the Viper update is to find out if you have access to the autoplay feature.

Microgaming Flash Version

Like most companies, Microgaming offers a flash version of their games as well. This is perfect for gamblers who do not want to download the Microgaming software onto their PC. Even though the flash version may not be as advanced as using the software, the rules stay the same across the board.

Microgaming casinos offer many popular games, with slot machines leading the way. When playing slots with Microgaming software you will notice several great features. First off, the speed at which the software keeps up is quite good. This makes it easy to make bet after bet without having to worry that your computer is going to lock up. Additionally, the graphics offered by Microgaming slot machines make the games more fun. No, graphics have nothing to do with winning money, but they are most definitely visually appealing.

The return on slot machines at Microgaming casinos is just around 96 percent. This is not the best in the industry, but it is a high return rate nonetheless. Combining this with fast play and nice graphics shows why so many gamblers like to play slot machines at Microgaming casinos.

In addition to slots, Microgaming also offers other popular games such as: baccarat, several versions of blackjack, craps, keno, poker, and roulette among others.

Microgaming Casinos

At this time, Microgaming casinos are closed to residents in the United States who are not legally allowed to take part in internet gambling. This includes both playing for profit, as well as simply playing for fun. But if you do have the chance to legally play Microgaming casino games, you should give them a try.

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