Super Bowl 58 Bets: Odds, Predictions, Staff Picks

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Super Bowl 58 is here. This is the last time sports bettors will be able to bet on a meaningful NFL game until September 2024. That’s a long time away, so most sports bettors are placing a bet on Super Bowl 58. Those people will find lots of Super Bowl betting markets.

This article goes over the point spread between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. We take a look at prediction sin the sports media, while analyzing the game itself. Our guide to Super Bowl 58 betting takes a deep dive into both teams’ stats. Using analytics, we also make our own prediction on who will win Super Bowl 58.




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Key Takeaways:

  • Las Vegas sportsbooks have the San Francisco 49ers as 1.5 to 2-point favorites.
  • With those odds, most bettors are picking the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • The most popular Super Bowl prop bets include MVP, first touchdown, the Halftime Show, and Taylor Swift props.

Who is predicted to win 2024 Super Bowl?

That depends on who you trust. The Las Vegas oddsmakers favor the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 Super Bowl. The sportsbooks installed the 49ers as 2.5-point favorites, though that line has been bet down to 2 points in some cases and 1.5 points in most cases.

Over two-thirds of sports bettors have favored the Kansas City Chiefs, as 68% of bets have taken the Chiefs and the points. Analysts and prognosticators in the sports media have favored the Chiefs by a 3-to-1 margin.

2024 Super Bowl Odds

Bettors can look at this year’s Super Bowl in countless different ways. Before we get to our prediction and analysis, let’s take a look at some other perspectives. ESPN has a gaggle of experts that make predictions every year, so that’s a good place to gauge popular opinion.

Some people dislike popular opinion, so we’ll also take a look at how the lines have moved through the Vegas Insider tracker. There, you can gauge popular support for the teams among the betting public. Later in this article, we’ll give our own analysis, culminating in our expert pick on Super Bowl 58.

ESPN Super Bowl Predictions 2024

The Super Bowl 58 picks on ESPN favored the Chiefs by an eight to three margin. NFL Nation reporters Nick Wagoner and Adam Teicher analyzed both teams. Wagoner described the 49ers as “experienced star power” with a league-high nine Pro Bowlers and 12 more chosen as alternates. That’s an impressive 21 players potentially on the Pro Bowl squad.

On the negative side, the Niners haven’t done well against the Chiefs in the Mahomes era. They lost Super Bowl 54, of course. But midseason last year, they lost to Kansas City by three touchdowns. That was Christian McCaffrey’s first game with the Niners.

NFL Nation Predictions

Adam Teicher noted the Mahomes Factor. Mahomes plays best in the postseason. He’s completed 70% of his passes and been able to sustain drives. Even better, the Chiefs have added more big plays in the playoffs.

On the downside, Teicher noted the Chiefs’ sloppy play on offense. The team continues to have dropped passes, untimely penalties, and even a few turnovers (Mecole Hardman in the Bills game.) Teicher wonders if the Chiefs can continue to get away with inefficient play against good teams.

In the end, most of the ESPN analysts went with the Chiefs. Dan Orlovsky, Dan Graziano, Aaron Schatz, Field Yates, Jordan Reid, Lindsey Thiry, Matt Miller, and Marcus Spears all picked Kansas City. On the other hand, Seth Walder, Seth Wickersham, and Stephania Bell picked San Francisco.

Super Bowl Odds 2024 Vegas Insider

Vegas Insider has a nice feature that shows the current odds at the major sportsbooks. When betting opened, most Vegas sportsbooks installed the Niners as 2.5-point favorites. Bettors quickly bet that line down to 2 points or even 1.5 points.

Currently, DraftKings has the line at -2 for the 49ers. FanDuel, Caesars, Bet365, BetMGM, Hard Rock Sportsbook, and BetRivers all have the line at -1.5. The Niners as a 1.5-point favorite is the consensus, but two-thirds of the action has been on the Chiefs.

Why is the Public Betting on the Kansas City Chiefs?

68% of the early picks came in on the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers five years ago in Patrick Mahomes’ first Super Bowl. As the defending champion coming off back-to-back road upsets of the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills, many casual bettors are picking the Chiefs.

Several other factors lead the public to bet on Kansas City. The Taylor Swift factor gives the Chiefs more glamour and visibility, while many casual NFL fans have jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon for the same reason. The large number of commercials featuring Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce also help. And the Chiefs are a proven commodity — they’re the defending Super Bowl champion.

Why Did Las Vegas Sportsbooks Favor the San Francisco 49ers?

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers are led by Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy. It’s hard for casual bettors to see someone who was barely drafted two years ago defeating a 2-time Super Bowl champion. The 49ers looked like the team to beat throughout much of the regular season, but they looked vulnerable in their playoff games against the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. Many fans think of the AFC as stronger than the NFC right now, so they naturally favor the AFC champion.

Yet the Vegas sportsbooks all favored the 49ers. It’s easy to see why. For one, the 49ers are stacked with stars on offense and defense. They also fielded two of the five NFL MVP candidates in Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey. The Niners offense is full of playmakers, including McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Brandon Aiyuk. No other NFL offense can match that star power.

Building Character, Experience, and Confidence

Coming into this year’s playoffs, the book on Kyle Shanahan and Brock Purdy said they were frontrunners. When they could establish a lead, run the ball, and force the opponents to throw the ball, they won. But Brock Purdy was a game manager, so he couldn’t spark a comeback. Yet Purdy did just that in the Lions and Packers games. He’s proven to be a clutch player even when the Niners face adversity.

That might not be the case with the Chiefs Defense when Chris Jones and George Karlaftis get after the passer. But the Chiefs lost a top pass rusher — Charles Omenihu — to an ACL tear in the AFC Championship Game. They’ll be down a sack artist in the Super Bowl, so the Chiefs pass rush might not be as fierce.

San Francisco 49ers’ Offensive Stats

Let’s look at the individual units. San Francisco had the #3 ranked offense in the NFL in 2023. It racked up 398.4 yards per game and scored 28.9 points a game. In the playoffs, they’ve been the #2 ranked offense with 389.4 yards per game and 29 points a game. That’s consistent despite a step up in competition.

In the regular season, the Niners were middle of the pack in sacks allowed but tied for 2nd with the fewest turnovers. Despite his reputation as a game manager, Brock Purdy will take sacks for the chance at big plays. That’s paid off with one of the league’s most dynamic offenses. Even better, they limit turnovers while being a big play offense.

One reason is Christian McCaffrey and the 49ers’ running back corps. The Niners have the 3rd-rated rushing offense in the league. They can control the ball and the clock with the running game, and Christian McCaffrey lets Shanahan be patient with the run game. That’s because McCaffrey offers the chance at big plays even while running the ball. If he gets a crease, he can take it to the house.

Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Stats

With all the attention Mahomes, Kelce, and Andy Reid get in the media, the key to the Chiefs success this year has been its defense. The Chiefs boasted the 2nd-best defense in terms of points allowed and sacks. They were 4th in passing yards allowed and 18th in rushing yards allowed. They were 10th in 3rd Down Efficiency and 8th in Red Zone Efficiency.

In other words, the Chiefs were a Top 10 defense in most categories. Only their run defense is not considered elite. Yet in the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs took away the run from the league’s best running offense. A key reason has been Chris Jones, who played at an All-Pro level once again this year. In key moments of the game, Jones raises his level of play, blowing up plays and pressuring the quarterback.

San Francisco Offense vs Kansas City Defense

Unlike previous seasons, the 49ers offensive line is not elite. Pro Football Focus rated them 20th overall late in the regular season. PFF gave Aaron Banks (LG), Jon Feliciano (RG), and Colton McKivitz (RT) below-average grades in the NFC Championship. Center Jake Brendel received an above-average run-blocking grade, while Trent Williams received superior pass-blocking and run-blocking grades.

That suggests Trent Williams — an 11-time Pro Bowler and 4-time All-Pro selection — likely will keep Brock Purdy protected from Charles Omenihu’s replacement. Second-year standout George Karlaftis could win his matchup with Colton McKivitz, while Chris Jones could run wild against the middle of the 49ers’ offensive line.

49ers Passing Game vs Chiefs Pass Defense

It helps that George Kittle is a superior blocking tight end, which brings us to one of the keys to the game. The Chiefs pass defense gave up 178 yards per game in 2023, which was good enough for 4th overall. The Niners pass offense had 258.9 yards per game, which also was good enough for 4th overall. It’s strength against strength.

That’s especially true of the matchup between the Niners’ wide receivers and the Chiefs’ cornerbacks. Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are excellent for the Niners, while L’Jarius Sneed and Jaylen Warren are equally excellent. Sneed and Warren largely shut down the Dolphins, Bills, and Ravens receivers in the playoffs, so they are a major challenge for Deebo and Aiyuk.

Brandon Aiyuk is a traditional route-running, deep ball-catching receiver. Deebo Samuel is more of a run-after-catch (RAC) specialist. Brock Purdy could have trouble delivering the ball to Aiyuk, though he was the key weapon in the NFC Championship Game. If so, then getting the ball to Deebo Samuel on run plays, bubble screens, and crossing patterns becomes huge for the Niners.

George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey

George Kittle’s role also becomes huge — both in the run game and the passing game. Kittle’s blocking is an oft-overlooked advantage for the Niners’ running attack, especially at a time when several o-linemen are just average. The Chiefs are also susceptible to tight ends and running backs out of the ballfield.

If the Niners are to consistently move the ball, they’ll need Kittle and Christian McCaffrey to hurt the Chiefs in the passing game. If San Francisco establishes the running game, that will help everything. But if that’s harder than expected, Kittle, McCaffrey, and Samuel will need to beat Chiefs defenders after catching the ball. That will help Brock Purdy avoiding sacks and interceptions.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Offensive Stats

Despite much talk about the Chiefs’ offensive woes in 2023, they finished as the 9th-rated offense in yards per game. They were 6th in passing offense and 19th in rushing offense. Also, they were 6th in 3rd Down Efficiency and 17th in Red Zone Efficiency. In the all-important scoring category, they were 15th overall.

That suggests the Kansas City Chiefs sustained drives throughout the year, but could not finish with touchdowns often enough. With a depleted receiver corps, they lacked big plays. At key moments, receivers had dropped balls. That left the Chiefs a more plodding offense in 2023, relying too much on Travis Kelce and ball control offense. Yet they lacked the running game to be effective consistently.

Rashee Rice’s emergence helped in the second half of the season. Still, the rookie’s stellar play is still a far cry from when Tyreek Hill was Mahomes’ favorite target. Kelce, though still a force at age 35, isn’t quite the force he was five years ago when the Chiefs faced the Niners in the Super Bowl.

Can the Chiefs Running Game Be Productive?

Meanwhile, Isaiah Pacheco is a hard runner, but he lacks the big play ability that could help Mahomes and company. While Andy Reid offenses always target running backs out of the backfield, the team still misses Jerick McKinnon (IR) in that role.

That leaves a lot on Patrick Mahomes’ plate. The Chiefs were 2nd-worst in the NFL in sacks allowed. A lot of that is Mahomes holding the ball longer to help his receivers get open. A lot of it is those same receivers have trouble getting seperation. But some of it is the offensive line gets beaten more than they should. Ultimately, the Niners pass rush will be a key to stopping Mahomes, so let’s look at what the Niners Defense presents.

San Francisco 49ers’ Defensive Stats

The 49ers offense was 3rd overall in points allowed and 8th in yards allowed. The 49ers were 7th overall in sacks. The Niners were 14th in passing yards allowed and 3rd in rushing yards allowed. In Red Zone defense, the Niners finished 5th overall. In 3rd Down percentage, they were 23rd overall.

The defensive stats point to one conclusion: the Niners pressure the quarterback but the defensive backfield is lacking. The loss of star safety Talanoa Hufanga to a season-ending injury in Week 12 certainly didn’t help. He was replaced by Ji’Ayir Brown, a talented but unseasoned rookie at a key position. Mostly, cornerbacks Charvarius Ward, Deommodore Lenoir, and Ambry Thomas are not elite.

The same can be said about the Chiefs’ receiving corps, so this presents a matchup of weakness versus weakness. Rashee Rice could take advantage of the Niners secondary, or the Niners defensive backs might not be as exposed as they would normally be.

Can the Niners Slow Down Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce has 22 receptions, 261 yards, and 3 touchdowns in this year’s playoffs. He’ll be an obvious focus for the Niners Defense. The question is whether they’ll play more man coverage in order to devote a second defender to Kelce. Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw, San Francisco’s star inside linebacker combo, will try to control the middle of the field.

Ultimately, the key to stopping Patrick Mahomes is the Niners’ defensive line. Nick Bosa, who had 18 & 1/2 sacks this year, will be the key to the pass rush. If Arik Armstead, Javon Hargrave, and Chase Young each contribute to the pressure, then the pass rush could be consistent. The Chiefs pass blocking is vulnerable, so it could be a mismatch in the game. It’s not likely to be the mismatch it was three years ago against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.

One key stat that bettors should focus on is the Niners’ 3rd Down defense. Patrick Mahomes has controlled the clock in the playoffs by extending drives. He did so against the Dolphins and the Bills — and early in the game against the Ravens — which put tremendous pressure on those units (and the opposing offenses). If the Niners’ 23rd ranked 3rd Down defense gets exposed, it could wear down the Niners defense and put pressure on Brock Purdy to keep drives alive.

Our Super Bowl 58 Pick

For the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl 58, their four-man pass rush will need to be dominant. Nick Bosa, Javon Hargrave, and Arik Armstead must dominate their matchups. While the Chiefs receiving corps isn’t great, the Niners defensive backfield is vulnerable. it will take an effort like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had in the 2021 Super Bowl for the Niners to shut down Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs offensive tackles are healthy. Andy Reid will try to keep the pass rush off-balance with the running game and screens on passing downs. Patrick Mahomes is completing 70% of his passes in the playoffs. He’s sustaining drives, which is the rare weakness of the Niners defense. Expect the Chiefs to go on several long drives that limit the number of possessions and tires out the excellent Niners defense. Whoever wins third downs between the Chiefs offense and Niners defense should win the game.

Of course, the 49ers offense is excellent. It has big play potential at every skill position, and Kyle Shanahan is a master of keeping his opponents off-balance. But Steve Spagnola is one of the great defensive callers in NFL history. The Chiefs cornerbacks are elite, and Chris Jones and George Karlaftis are great at disrupting an opponent’s passing game.

Brock Purdy vs Patrick Mahomes is Key

At key points of the game, Brock Purdy is going to have to raise his game. When Jones and Karlaftis disrupt the Niners’ pocket, Purdy will need to make plays without making mistakes. In the biggest game of his life, Purdy will need to play at lofty heights. It’s our guess that Purdy won’t be up to the challenge.

It’s possible the Niners run game will be too much for the Chiefs’ average to below-average run defense. If so, they can dominate time of possession and keep the Chiefs off-balance all day. That hasn’t happened to Patrick Mahomes’ team many times in the last five years, so it’s hard to predict that happening now.

In the end, it comes down to Patrick Mahomes versus Brock Purdy. As good as Purdy has looked at times the past two seasons, it’s hard to pick Purdy. Therefore, we’ll take the Kansas City Chiefs and the points. Choose a site like BetUS that’s giving the Chiefs 2 points and pick that option.

Super Bowl 58 Over/Under Bets

The over/under on Super Bowl 58 is 47 or 47.5 at most sportsbooks. The last time these teams played in the NFL championship — Super Bowl 54 — the teams combined for 51 points. The Niners defense held the Chiefs for three quarters and held a 20-10 lead going into the Fourth Quarter. Then the Chiefs exploded for 21 Fourth Quarter points to win 31-20.

That often happens in games. The Chiefs have become a methodical offense, seeking long drives to control the ball and rest their defense. With two excellent defenses, expect scoring to be limited in the 1st Half. If the Niners score on big plays, that might change the game dynamic.

As the game progresses, expect pass rushers to tire and one team start to take more chances as they fall behind. Like in previous Chiefs-Niners games, expect more scoring in the second half. The Chiefs offense has gotten hotter in the playoffs, while the Niners are a more explosive offense than they were in previous seasons.

Bet the under in the 1st Half, the over in the 2nd Half, and the over on a full game bet.

Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets

Prop bets are a fun way to bet on individual performances or events that surround the game. You can wager on players collecting yards, touchdowns, or turnovers. You can bet on who score the first touchdown or who will win Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl props go beyond that. You can bet on the Halftime Show, the National Anthem, or Taylor Swift appearances. You can even wager on what color Gatorade is poured on the winning coach.

Here’s a list of the most popular prop bets for Super Bowl 58.

Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets

  • Super Bowl MVP
  • 1st play sack
  • 1st play TD
  • 1st play turnover
  • Any player 150+ receiving yards
  • Any player 200+ receiving yards
  • Will a QB have a reception?
  • Each team to have a touchdown and field goal in each half
  • Teams combine for more than 900 total yards
  • Both teams score 35+ points
  • Shortest TD Under 3.5 yards
  • Chiefs to record first sack of the game
  • Travis Kelce over 68.5 receiving yards
  • Travis Kelce lead the game in receiving yards
  • Brock Purdy over 12.5 rushing yards
  • Patrick Mahomes Props: Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Rushing Yards
  • Brock Purdy Props: Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Rushing Yards
  • Travis Kelce Props: Receiving Yards, Receptions
  • Deebo Samuel Props: Receiving Yards, Receptions
  • George Kittle Props: Receiving Yards, Receptions
  • Brandon Aiyuk Props: Receiving Yards, Receptions
  • Christian McCaffrey Props: Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards
  • Isaiah Pacheco Props Props: Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards
  • Any Player to Score 2+ TDs
  • Any Player to Score 3+ TDs
  • Jersey Number of Last TD Scorer
  • Team with First Touchdown Pass in Game
  • Total Individual TD Scorers
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP Award: QB vs Any Other Position
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP Award: Any Defensive Player vs Any Other Position
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP Award: RB, RB, WR, TE vs Any Other Position
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP: To Be on the Losing Team?
  • Offensive touchdown scored on 4th down
  • Any player scores 8 points in single drive
  • Fumble opponent’s end zone and touchback
  • Punt return for Touchdown (does not include block return)
  • Punt blocked
  • Longest FG in game Over 54.5
  • Successful onside kick
  • Correct Score
  • Winning Margin
  • Will there be overtime?

Non-Football Super Bowl Prop Bets

Some sportsbooks offer prop bets that don’t involve the actual game itself.

  • Who Wins the Coin Toss?
  • Odds for the color of the Gatorade bath (purple is the favorite at +200)
  • Reba McIntire National Anthem: Over/Under 89.5 seconds
  • Usher’s Guests at Halftime Show: Alicia Keys (-320), Ludacris (-210)

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Prop Bets

Speaking of entertainers, bettors can find some Taylor Swift prop bets if you search long enough. Though she has a concert in Tokyo the day before, it is confirmed Swift will be in attendance. Select sportsbooks have Taylor Swift prop bets.

The most common Taylor Swift prop is how many times the CBS broadcast will show Swift during the game. Our guess is a lot, especially is Travis Kelce has a big game. Another common prop bet is which celebrities will show up in the box with Taylor Swift.


The Super Bowl has become a national event each — almost like a national holiday. For sports bettors, it’s the culmination of the sports betting calendar. No other event receives as much action. No other event features so many betting possibilities.

This year’s Big Game is an excellent matchup. Both teams are experienced. Both have stars all over the field, and both came into the season expecting to win the Super Bowl. Top sportsbooks have point spreads, moneyline odds, and totals bets — but they have so much more.

If your team didn’t make the Big Game, place a full-game bet to give yourself a rooting interest. To enhance your enjoyment of the game, make a bet on a player prop or team prop. If you want some reason to watch the entertainment elements of the Super Bowl, make a prop bet on the National Anthem, the Halftime Show, or Taylor Swift herself. Most of all, enjoy Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl 58 FAQ

Who is favored to win 49ers or Chiefs?

The San Francisco 49ers are 1.5-point favorites at most sportsbooks. The Chiefs received 68% of all bets after the books opened. Thus, the oddsmakers have the Niners winning, but the betting public backs the Chiefs.

Who is predicted to win Super Bowl 58?

The 49ers, but readers should remember two points when looking at the Super Bowl 58 odds. First, when Vegas bookmakers set a line, they are not predicting who wins the game. They are setting a line that they hope draws 50% of the action on one side and 50% on the other side. If that happens, the sportsbook makes money off the vig. So don’t necessarily take the 49ers by 2.5 or even 1.5 as a Vegas prediction.

Second, the oddsmaker tried to set the Niners as a 2.5 favorite, so he failed in predicting the action. The betting public thinks the Chiefs were undervalued and bet that way. Therefore, the oddsmakers thought the public would support the Niners more, but that didn’t happen. In a way, they seem to favor the Niners more than the public does. Usually, it’s better to side with the oddsmakers. They know more than the public in most cases.

Where should I make a Super Bowl bet?

BetUS is a good sportsbook for those who want to make a Super Bowl bet. BetUS has the San Francisco 49ers as 2-point favorites. They are a -130 moneyline favorite, while the Chiefs are a +110 moneyline underdog. The over/under on the game is 47.5.

BetUS is an especially good option for those who want to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs and the under proposition. Anyone betting on the Kansas City Chiefs will get a half-point more than other famous online sportsbooks. With the line so tight, that half-point could make all the difference.

Also, most sportsbooks have the over/under set at 47. Receiving the extra half-point on a totals bets is a big boon for the under bettors.

Who is performing in Super Bowl 58?

Eight-time Grammy-winning singer Usher is performing during the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Country Music Hall of Fame member Reba McEntire is performing the National Anthem.

Is Taylor Swift performing at Super Bowl 58?

No, but she will be in attendance to see her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play. Expect the Swift-cam to be used throughout the broadcast. Swifties around the globe should boost the game’s ratings.

Has Taylor Swift done the Super Bowl?

No, Taylor Swift has never performed at the Super Bowl. Who knows? With her in the building for Super Bowl 58, you never know when she might appear on the stage with Usher. But there’s no indication that’s the case, and we’re predicting she’ll enjoy the game from the skybox.

Where is Super Bowl 58 taking place?

Super Bowl 58 will take place in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Allegiant Stadium opened in 2020 as the home of the Las Vegas Raiders and the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels football team. The stadium cost $1.9 billion to build, making it the second-most expensive sports stadium in the world.

It sits west of the Mandalay Bay casino resort and is therefore quite near to the Las Vegas Strip. Allegiant Stadium has 65,000 seats, though it can be expanded to 71,835 seats for special occasions. Given the massive cost of big game tickets, readers can expect the seating capacity at this year’s Super Bowl to be 71,835.

How much are Super Bowl 2024 tickets?

According to Seat Geek, tickets for the 2024 Super Bowl are the highest ever. The average ticket price on Seat Geek, a prominent resale site, is $12,082. That’s up from the previous record of $11,840 for 2021 Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida. That game, which featured the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Kansas City Chiefs, had reduced capacity due to the Covid pandemic.

The highest average price for Seat Geek tickets in a game with full capacity was in the 2022 Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California, which featured the Los Angeles Rams versus the Cincinnati Bengals. The average price was $10,322.

Why are Super Bowl tickets so expensive?

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in sports each year — at least in American sports. The other major reason is Super Bowl tickets are not offered for sale to the public. Instead, they are distributed to NFL teams, who then pass them along to corporate sponsors and season ticket holders.

Lack of access inflates the price of tickets, which would be high anyway. The resale of Super Bowl tickets on Seat Geek, Stubhub, and other resale sites inflates the price to exorbitant levels. It’s the old law of supply-and-demand. In this case, demand is great and supply is strictly limited, so the prices go through the roof.

Where is Super Bowl 2025?

Super Bowl 59 will be played on February 9, 2025, at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who is predicted to win the Super Bowl in 2025?

The early odds to win Super Bowl 59 have the San Francisco 49ers at +600 favorites. The Kansas City Chiefs are next at +850. Next comes the Baltimore Ravens (+1000), Buffalo Bills (+1500), and Cincinnati Bengals (+1500).

The Detroit Lions should be a favorite pick with +1700 odds. Next comes trendy picks like the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys at +2000. The next level of teams are the Philadelphia Eagles (+2200), Green Bay Packers (+2500), and Houston Texans (+2500). Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets have +3000 odds. Every other team has odds between +3300 (Jacksonville Jaguars) and +25000 (Carolina Panthers).

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