Essential Slot Strategies for Beginners in 2024

Learn Basic Slots Strategies

Learning the right slot strategies for beginners is essential for new players. That’s because most slot strategies are total bunk. So-called experts offer winning slot strategies that are dubious at best. Slot machines are games of chance, so no legal tip or tactic changes the expected return of the game.

The good news is players can help their chances of winning if they keep the facts straight. The most effective tips for beginning slot players include finding games with the best odds, using bonuses to optimize your chances of winning, and limiting risks where you can. Keep reading our beginner slot machine tips to increase your chances of hitting the big jackpot.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Return to Player (RTP) and House Edge: Grasp these fundamental concepts to make informed choices.
  • Effective Slot Strategies: Learn and apply tips that can optimize your play sessions and increase winning chances.
  • Bankroll Management: Implement smart bankroll management to enhance your gaming experience and longevity.
  • Utilizing Bonuses and Promotions: Leverage casino offers to maximize your budget and playtime.

The Impact of Online Slot Innovations in 2024

The online slot industry has seen remarkable advancements in 2024. Features like dynamic RTPs, blockchain transparency, and AI-driven personalized experiences have transformed the gaming landscape. Players now have access to more information and tools to make smarter choices and improve their gaming outcomes.

Can I learn basic slots strategy?

Slots are a game of chance, so there is no slots strategy the way basic strategy exists in blackjack and video poker. In those games, betting experts ran simulations of the many decisions one can make in each situation. The simulations give an optimal play with every card combination.

Therefore, you’ll see basic strategy cards for blackjack and video poker. These charts offer the optimal play in every situation in an easy-to-digest form. This simply doesn’t exist for a slot machine.

Follow the strategy tips above. Using bankroll management, finding high RTP slots, and optimizing your bonus helps your overall chances. But once you hit “Spin” on a slot machine, you’re best strategy is hoping for good luck.

Strategy #1: Choose Slots with a High RTP

Slot players should always focus on expected returns. Also known as payback percentage or return to player (RTP), this is the percentage of your bet that you can expect to see returned to you in winnings. If you assume a theoretical $100 wagered, an expected return or RTP of 98% means you can expect $98 of every $100 to be returned in winnings.

That’s not a promise of a 98% return rate, due to variance or volatility. Slot games have varying levels of volatility, which means in real life they vary a certain amount from the expected return. Variance is good, because it means a game with a less than 100% expected return can still pay out more than 100%. It also means slots can pay out a lot less than the theoretical RTP. That’s why it’s called gambling.

Long story short, slots with a high RTP are more likely to pay out more. You’re more likely to have winning sessions and winning casino trips if you play games with a higher expected return. Again, RTP assures nothing, but you’re playing the odds. The best slot strategy is to stack the deck in your favor as much as possible.

What are some effective tips for beginner slot players?

First of all, choose slots with a high expected return. This gives you best odds of winning. Beyond that, you should you should use slot bonuses and other promotions to give yourself better odds. Use bankroll management to lock in winnings and avoid ruinous losses.

Make the maximum bet and play higher denominations if you can afford to do so — if it’s legitimately part of your bankroll. And when in doubt, choose simpler slot machines with fewer features, worse graphics, and lower fixed jackpots. Simpler slots have survived for a reason, and that’s often because of better odds.

For more details on those slot strategies, keep reading the four other slot tips below.

Strategy #2: Use Slot Bonuses and Promotions

When you play in a brick-and-mortar casino, always insert your slot card before you play. Never have a spin that doesn’t build up points in the slot club. Slot club points give you comps and cashback, which are rebates on your gaming. They lower the effective house edge, or increase the effective return to player.

When you play in an online or mobile casino, always accept the welcome bonuses, slot bonuses, or other reload bonuses. Most sites allow players to have only one bonus active at once. If you play the slots only, you should always have one bonus active. Online casinos offer enough slot bonuses that players can always have bonus money in play. If not, you’re choosing the wrong casino.

Whether it’s the slot club or online casino bonuses, these are rebates to your overall play. Casino promotions have a wagering requirement, but the terms of use almost always has online slots at a 100% rollover rate. Whether you get lucky or not, the bonus money helps your budget.

Strategy #3: Employ Bankroll Management

Speaking of budget, players should consider their gaming budget before playing. Bankroll management does not change the return to player statistics, but it help players manage risk. Slots bankroll management helps players calculate the money they have to spend, make the proper size bets, and set steadfast rules to assure players optimize their play session.

Bankroll management entails many things. First, it helps you calculate your bankroll — that is, the amount of money in your gambling budget. The bankroll isn’t all the money you have to spend. It isn’t all your disposable income, or even your entire entertainment budget. Instead, it’s a lesser amount than all of those which is specifically earmarked for gambling.

Once you know your precise bankroll, you can calculate the size of bets you should make. When playing the slots, a person should only bet 1% to 3% of their bankroll on any given bet. Imagine you have a bankroll of $500. Your bet size therefore should be between $5 and $15. This helps you weather bad luck, while receiving decent payouts when you get lucky.

Finally, you should set hard-and-fast rules on the length of your slot sessions. Each session should have a win goal. Once you win a certain amount, you end the session. They should have a loss limit, too. This keeps players from chasing losses or going on tilt.

The ultimate goal should be to have slot sessions when it’s entertainment and you feel good about the game. Never play the slots when you are tired, sleepy, hungry, thirsty, drunk, angry, stressed, impatient, or bored. The game should be fun and all of those other states of mind take away from the game.

How do I start winning at the slot machines?

Nothing assures you’ll win when playing the slots. The casino has an advantage and almost always will. Players who want to win should play optimally, whatever the odds against them. If they don’t make mistakes, then they optimize the slot odds and give themselves the best chance of winning.

That includes the five techniques listed here. Many of these ideas are shifting the odds in your favor around the edges. It might not change the odds that much — though high RTP slots shift them dramatically — but these five strategies add up to significant casino savings.

Strategy #4: Play Higher Denominations: Bet the Maximum

If you have the means, then play higher denominations. Players should bet the maximum pay lines to unlock the top jackpot, so playing higher denominations gets expensive. High rollers take advantage of this fact because they get better odds.

Think about it. A relatively small percentage of players are high rollers. High-stakes players can affect the bottom line for a casino in a way other players don’t, so casinos try to lure them to their venue. Therefore, high-roller slot machines have better-expected payback stats than games for penny players and mid-stakes gamblers.

Players therefore should play higher denominations when possible, while betting the maximum. Note the term “when possible,” because you should not do so if it’s out of your price range. Whatever level of play, the house has an edge. People who play beyond their means are likely to regret the decision.

Strategy #5: Choose Simpler Games

If you don’t have time to research slot machines’ return to player, the best option is to use the rule of thumb. Usually, the simpler games have a better expected return. This strategy has an inner logic.

Complicated games require slot designers to spend extra time developing the game. That means higher labor costs for the game design company. More resources go into the slot game, so it needs a higher house edge to compensate. Therefore, simpler games have a higher RTP.

In practice, you should consider several factors. Fixed Jackpots are simper to design than progressive jackpots, so they tend to have a higher RTP. The fewer features a game has (multipliers, free spins, bonus games), the less time that’s required to design the game. Pick simple games with few features.

Animated graphics take time to design, so pick slots with simple graphics and art design. Paylines add more winning combinations that must be calculated and configured, so games with fewer paylines tend to pay more. Thus, three-reel classics with low fixed jackpots tend to have better odds.

What are the best slot machine strategies for new players?

The best slot machine strategies protect you from making big mistakes. Players must be grinders — that is, studiously grinding out small advantages until you get lucky. Bankroll management and slot bonuses keep you in the game longer, therefore giving you a chance to grit out a winning session.

The longer you can keep yourself at the slots screen (over the months and years), the better your odds will be that you hit that one life-changing jackpot. Even if you choose to play for smaller fixed jackpots, optimizing your odds keeps you in the game long enough to win that helpful jackpot.

One final tip: players should keep a journal of their wins and losses. Players tend to forget all the money they lost, while remembering their best sessions. Keeping a slot journal assures you have clearheaded accounting of the money you’ve spent and the cash you’ve won.

Slot Strategy Summary

Strategy Description
High RTP Slots Choose games with higher RTP percentages for better long-term returns.
Bonuses and Promotions Utilize casino offers to maximize your budget and playtime.
Bankroll Management Bet within 1-3% of your bankroll and set session limits.
Higher Denominations Play higher denomination slots and bet the maximum if financially feasible.
Simpler Games Opt for slots with fewer features and simple graphics for better RTPs.


What is RTP, and why is it important?

RTP stands for Return to Player, indicating the percentage of wagered money a slot machine will pay back over time. Higher RTPs offer better long-term odds.

Can slot strategies guarantee a win?

No strategy can guarantee a win as slots are games of chance. However, following certain tips can optimize your play and improve your odds.

Should I always bet the maximum amount?

Betting the maximum can improve your odds, especially on higher denomination slots, but only if it fits within your bankroll management strategy.


Slot strategies for beginners might bore newcomers, but these are the best tips for winning. Don’t let scam artists lure you into wasteful strategies like progressive betting, zig-zag patterns, and round robin wagers. Those methods end up costing you money because they sell false hope.

Instead, apply these beginner slot machine tips that anyone can learn. No single winning slot strategy exists, but an accumulation of tactics can help your bottom line. Track your progress, alter your strategies when the losses stack up, and find the best strategies for winning at the one-armed bandits.

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