High Limit Roulette (Comps, Rules, and Betting Systems)

You can play just about any gambling game at high limits, but high limit roulette offers something special. The opportunity to double your money on a single spin of the wheel offers something many other high limit gambling games don’t offer.

But should you play high limit roulette, and if you do, what do you need to know?

In this post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about playing high limit roulette. And this includes the best places to play high limit roulette in Las Vegas. But Las Vegas doesn’t hold a monopoly on high limit roulette games.




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  • 200% Casino Bonus up to $5,000


  • 320% up to $3,000


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 100% up to $250 Casino Bonus


  • 250% up to $2,500

Here are the benefits of playing high limit roulette, details about comps, the best rules, and the best strategy for winning.

High Limit Roulette Players Get High Level Comps

The best thing about playing high limit roulette is the high level comp attention. And if a casino won’t give you great comps for your high limit roulette play, you need to play at a casino that appreciates your play and rewards you.

If you’re risking $20,000 or more every day playing roulette, you should get at least free meals and a hotel room. And if you’re a big player, risking $100,000 or $1,000,000 or more every day, you should also get free flights, a casino host, and all kinds of other comps like free show tickets, expensive drinks, and loss rebates.

You might think these are big numbers. But it doesn’t take long to risk a lot of money playing roulette.

  • 200 spins at $100 a spin risks $20,000
  • 200 spins at $500 a spin risks $100,000
  • 500 spins at $50 a spin risks $25,000

Determine roughly how much you’re going to bet on each spin and how many spins you plan to take. Talk to someone in the players’ club and ask about the comp package they’re willing to offer for your play.

Talk to someone at several casinos and play where they give you the best rewards.

Defining High Limit Roulette

When I play roulette I usually play online for $1 a spin. So when I play roulette in a casino and bet $25 a spin, it feels like high limit to me. But $25 roulette doesn’t qualify as high limit for players used to betting $100 or $500 or more on every spin.

Defining high limit gambling depends on how much money you have and how much you usually bet. And true high rollers can win and lose millions playing roulette in a day.

YOU define what high limits in roulette mean. But most gamblers loosely categorize low limits as anything from $1 to $10 a bet, and high limits as anything over the minimum bet amounts in the high roller areas of casinos. In some high roller rooms, the minimum bet for roulette comes in at $100. But in some places, you can place a bet for $25 or $50 per spin.

But your definition of high limit roulette doesn’t matter. You can use all of the advice and information in this post whether you want to bet $1 a spin online or play for $1,000 or more a spin in high roller areas in land-based casinos. The casinos have their own definitions and award comps based on their definitions, not yours.

The Best Rules for High Limit Roulette Players

Roulette games use a standard set of rules. But you need to know about a few rules variations. And, as a high limit roulette player, you need to avoid certain roulette games.

You can find a complete explanation of different roulette rules elsewhere. So, I’m not going to rehash every rule here. I’m just going to give you the facts about rules variations based on what you need to know as a high roller roulette player.

As a high limit roulette player, never play on a wheel with more than 37 spaces. Every roulette wheel has a single zero space. But some wheels also have a double zero space. Never play on a wheel with a double zero space.

But you also need to know that not all roulette wheels with 37 spaces are the same. Most single zero roulette wheels use European rules. The house edge for all bets made on a European rules wheel is 2.7%.

While this edge might not be as bad as many other casino games, like slot machines; there are a lot of games with lower numbers. Blackjack and many video poker games and some craps bets offer a lower house edge. Even baccarat offers a lower house edge.

French Rules Roulette

But some roulette wheels with a single zero use French rules. And the house edge on all even money wagers placed on a French wheel has a house edge of 1.35%.

You want to find a wheel using one of the following rules:

En Prison – When you bet on an even money space and the wheel lands on zero, your bet goes in prison. If you win the next spin, your bet gets returned.

La Partage – When you bet on an even money space and the wheel lands on zero, you receive half of your bet back.

The Best High Limit Roulette Games in Las Vegas

Many high limit roulette players play in Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers some of the biggest casinos in the world and there are many high roller rooms.

The last time I was there, the following casinos in Las Vegas have at least one roulette table using French rules. They each also offer a comps program, so make sure you sign up before you start playing.

If you’re playing high limit roulette anywhere else in the world, look for the same things you’re looking for in Las Vegas. Look for the best comps package and a wheel using French rules.

Can You Use Betting Systems Playing High Roller Roulette?

You can use betting systems when you play high limit roulette. But I don’t recommend using roulette systems.

Roulette betting systems don’t work in the long run. They can work for a short time sometimes. But eventually, they all fail.

If you want to get the highest return playing roulette, here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  • Always play at a roulette table using French rules.
  • Always make an even money bet.
  • Get the best comp you can.

Any strategy or system other than these steps won’t work better. In fact, most other strategies and systems have a higher long-term loss expectation than these simple steps.

High Limit Roulette and Your Bankroll

If you play high limit roulette, you need a big bankroll.

Even when you make even money bets on a French rules roulette table, the casino still holds an edge. And the edge eventually takes money out of your bankroll.

Here’s an example:

You play roulette on a French rules wheel and only make even money bets. And you bet $200 a spin and play 500 spins over the course of two days. Your total risk over the two days comes to $100,000.

With a house edge of 1.35%, your expected losses are $1,350.

Of course, in some sessions you win, and in some sessions you lose. But in the long run, your expected losses will even out and come true.

In addition, even if you get lucky and win during a playing session, you’re going to face up and downs. Without a big bankroll, you might run out of money.

If you’re truly betting a lot of money, find a casino willing to offer you a loss rebate on a percentage of your losses. A loss rebate program helps your bankroll a great deal.

Why High Limit Roulette Might Not Be Your Best Choice

If you enjoy playing roulette, high limit roulette might be your first choice. But high limit roulette might not be your best choice.

High limit blackjack is often a better choice. If you know the right strategies, most high limit blackjack games offer a house edge lower than 1%. And many of them have a house edge under .5%.

Another good option for high limit players is baccarat. The banker and player baccarat bets both have a house edge lower than the 1.35% you get on a French rules roulette wheel.


If you play high limit roulette you need three things. You need a big bankroll, a roulette table using French rules, and the best comps you can find.

With these three things in place, you can enjoy some of the best comps in the world and some huge wins from time to time. Of course, you have to survive the times when your luck turns against you. So a big bankroll comes in handy.

Many casinos offer high limit rooms with roulette tables. But not all of them offer French rules tables. It costs too much money in losses to play on an American or European roulette wheel. So don’t play unless you can get French rules.

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