Slots and Gambling Sites (Slot Machine Websites Directory)

If you search Google for slots site or gambling sites, God only knows what kind of results you might stumble across. Online casinos generate so much revenue that they can afford to generate enough crappy sites to clog up the Internet in the same way bacon clogs ol’ Shooter’s arteries. What you’ll find below is Shooter Gordon’s list of recommended slot machine and gambling websites. No crap allowed.

Slots Websites

Best of the Web Directory – Another informative directory of slot machine websites.

Jackpot Graphs – A cool site that keeps up to the second graphs of all the major online slots jackpots.

Online Slots – Free, no download slot machine games. These games are unique to this site, so they’re not available elsewhere.

Everyone could use a few good slot machine tips and has plenty of them.

About Slots has lots of cool reviews of slot machine games.

Other Gambling Websites

Wise Guy Gambling – This guy has information on everything about gambling. If you have not found what you are looking for somewhere else, it is probably here. – Strategies on how to win Texas Hold’em and other popular poker games. – Learn Blackjack rules, game odds, tips and winning strategies.

Sportsbook Bee – Offers articles on sports betting tips, game types, bonuses and money management. – Has a great internet casino guide. – A friend of mine has a site with loads of information on video poker. – Hands down one of the best poker sites around. – The best place on the net to learn powerful head up poker strategies.

Blackjack Informer – A fantastic winning blackjack guide. – A great online poker guide. I highly recommend this site. lists the best poker sites online.

Gaming the Odds is a general gambling website that can help make you a better gambler.

Chipcage is my favorite gambling blog these days.

RevMasters comes highly recommended if you’re into affiliate programs.