Real Money Bonuses: What is the Best Online Casino Bonus?

When players accept real money bonuses, they give themselves a better chance to have winning sessions. Bonus cash doesn’t increase the payback percentage on any game, but they do increase a player’s odds of winning. That’s because real money casino bonuses increase a player’s bankroll, thus giving them a bigger chip stack.

Casino bonuses come with terms of use, so players can’t cash out an offer the instant it hits their player account. Analyzing the terms and conditions helps a player find the best online casino bonus. If players don’t read the fine print, they might accept a lesser promotion that offers more cash. We show how to evaluate bonus offers below while reviewing the best bonus promotions currently being offered at the top US online casinos.




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  • 200% Casino Bonus up to $5,000


  • 400% Crypto Welcome Bonus


  • 320% up to $3,000


  • Exclusive 500% Slots Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $2,500

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Evaluate Casino Bonuses: Read about the factors that make a good casino bonus. Learn how to read the terms of use to find the best bonuses.
  • Types of Casino Bonuses: From welcome bonuses to the many reload bonuses get an overview of the various bonus types you’ll encounter.
  • The Best US Casino Bonuses: See our picks for the best US online casino bonuses. We review current promotions at the best US casino sites.

What Makes a Good Online Casino Bonus?

Many players assume the biggest bonus is always the best. That’s far from the truth. Players should consider several factors when choosing between offers. The wagering requirement is key because this tells how much you must gamble before withdrawing the bonus cash. The minimum deposit and the game contribution rates also matter a lot.

Here are nine factors you should consider before accepting a bonus:

  • Bonus Size
  • Bonus Match Rate
  • Terms of Use
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement
  • Maximum Bonus Limit
  • Wagering Requirement
  • Sticky/Unsticky Bonus
  • Game Requirements
  • Game Contribution Rates
  • Max Cashout Stipulation
  • Free Spin Offers
  • Promo Code

That’s a lot of factors. If your head’s spinning a bit, we’ll go over each of the factors below.

Bonus Size

Size does matter. If you’re a high roller, you’ll want the biggest amount of promotional cash possible. This might not be as important for low-stakes players, since they won’t max out the offer anyway.

For high rollers, you’ll want to focus on the sites with the biggest offers. Las Atlantis Casino’s $14,000 welcome bonus package is a good place to start.

Bonus Match Rate

This is the percentage you’ll see attached to a bonus offer. This tells a player at what rate their deposit is matched. A 100% bonus means it’s matched at a $1 to $1 rate, so a $1000 deposit unlocks $1000 in bonus money.

A 200% would be a 2-to-1 match rate, while a 500% bonus would be a 5-to-1 match rate. For low-stakes and mid-stakes players, the match rate might be more important.

Let’s say you have $100 to deposit in a casino. A 100% bonus would give you $100 in bonus cash, while a 200% offer would give you $200. A site that offers 500% on the first deposit would unlock $500 in bonus cash, which is the offer you’d choose.

Bonus Terms of Use

The terms and conditions are important to read and understand. This is a catch-all but players must understand the terms to ensure their bonus cash isn’t voided. For instance, the terms of use describe the expiry date. Some bonuses expire after 7 days, while 30 or 90 days are attached to other offers.

This includes how many times the bonus is redeemable. An offer that’s good for one deposit isn’t as good as one that’s redeemable 5 times or 9 times (or an unlimited number of times.) It’s important to read these terms.

Many other terms described below are more famous, but read the entire T&C rules before accepting a bonus.

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Most bonuses have a minimum deposit requirement of $10, $20, or $30. Learn the minimum requirement if you plan on a small deposit because you want to collect bonus money with each deposit.

Also, some reload bonuses have a $100 minimum deposit requirement. These often are “high roller” bonuses for a heightened amount of money. If you can afford a $100 deposit (or plan on one), don’t overlook offers that are described as high-roller offers. Note that some are $150 or $200 stipulations.

Read whether the wagering requirement is for the amount of the bonus or the amount of the bonus plus the deposit. If it includes the amount deposited, this often doubles the size of the playthrough requirement.

Maximum Bonus Limit

Most casinos don’t cap the maximum deposit you can make. They do cap the maximum amount of bonus money you can collect while making a deposit. A common max bonus amount is $1000 or $2500.

In these instances, you can make a $5000 bonus. It’s just you’ll only get $1000 or $2500 in bonus cash when you do. If the offer is redeemable multiple times, you might want to split your deposit into two or more deposits in order to max out the bonus cash.

Wagering Requirement

This is an especially important condition. It’s also called the rollover or playthrough requirement, but it all means the same. The wagering requirement is how much you must wager before you can withdraw the bonus money.

If you see a wagering requirement of 20x, this means you have to wager 20 times the bonus before withdrawing your money. Thus, a $100 bonus with a 20x stipulation means you have to wager $2000.

Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot. Remember that the house edge is usually 1% to 5%. On $2000 in action, you would expect to lose $20 to $100. It’s important to do the match and see what you would expect to pocket from the original bonus.

Sticky or Unsticky Bonus?

This is another important stipulation. A sticky bonus is one in which the bonus money can never be withdrawn. It’s a simple stake. You keep the amount of winnings from the money bet, but you never keep the original stake.

An unsticky bonus is one where you can keep the bonus cash plus any winnings from the money wagerered. Thus, it’s always better to find an unsticky bonus offer.

Game Requirements

Sometimes, a welcome bonus restricts the sort of games allowed. It’s common for a slot bonus to restrict play to online slots, Keno, and scratch card games. No table games or video poker applies to clearing the wagering requirement.

Read these closely. Some sites void a bonus if you play a game that isn’t included as a playable game. That’s a one-sided term that we frown upon, but it happens. Also keep in mind that live dealer games are almost always restricted. Don’t play in the live casino until your bonus terms are met.

Progressive slots are almost always restricted games, too.

Game Contribution Rates

Some bonuses allow table games and video poker to clear the requirement but at a reduced rate. For instance, blackjack might count 10% towards the requirement while slots count 100%. This means you would have to bet $100 on blackjack for every $10 you bet on slots.

Many casinos have a large list of game contribution rates in their FAQs or terms of use. For instance, slots might be 100%, blackjack and video poker at 20%, roulette and craps at 10%, and baccarat at 5%.

Max Cashout Stipulation

Many reload bonuses or no-deposit bonuses have a max cashout stipulation. For instance, a $200 max cashout means you can never cash out more than $200 on a certain bonus. If you won $1,000, you’d only be able to cash out $200 of those winnings.

Obviously, the “no max cashout” stipulation is the best term you can get on a bonus. Look for these, because the site places no upward limit on the amount of cash you can win with your bonus money.

Free Spin Offers

Increasingly, welcome bonus packages come with free spins attached. You’ll see an offer for $1,500 in bonus cash plus 70 free spins. The site wants to feature new slots or popular slots, so it offers 70 free spins on select online slots as a promotional tool.

Free spin bonuses also are standalone offers. Read the terms to know whether you get bonus cash along with the free spins.

Promo Code

Many bonus offers require that you use a promo code to activate them. Also called bonus codes, these are a collection of letters and numbers that you add to the code box when making a deposit. Read to learn is you need a promotional code to unlock bonus offers.

If so, then make certain to input the code before you make a deposit. Some casinos won’t honor their bonus promotions if you wait until after the deposit to use the promo code. Once again, that’s points off our final rating if sites are petty like that, but it happens.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer multiple bonus promotions. It’s standard to offer at least one welcome bonus, but they also offer several reload bonuses that can help a player. Here’s a glossary of bonus types with an explanation of each one.

Welcome Bonus

This is the most popular promotion. The casino offers money on your first deposit or first set of deposits. Many offer a welcome bonus package where you get money on your first three payments. Others give free money on your first five deposits or first nine deposits.

Initial Deposit Bonus

Specifically, this is a promotion for your very first deposit on the site.

No-Deposit Bonus

Instead of giving money when you make your first deposit, this promotion gives free cash when you register for a new player account. Simply signing up unlocks money, with no risk nor obligation incurred.

No-deposit bonuses, also called signup bonuses, usually don’t offer as much money as a welcome bonus. You might receive a $50, but it’s free-to-play money with no risk at all.

Reload Bonus

A catch-all term for the kind of bonuses offered to loyal or continuing players. These offers usually aren’t as big as welcome bonuses but are redeemable many times over (or an unlimited number of times.) For this reason, players should pay more attention to reload bonuses than they do.

These include daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. Anytime you’re getting a bonus and you’ve cleared the original welcome bonus package, it’s a reload bonus.

Daily Bonus

A promotion tied to a specific day of the week is a daily bonus. If a casino has an offer called the Manic Monday Bonus, it’s a daily bonus. If it has an offer called Blackjack Thursday, it’s a daily bonus.

Crypto Bonus

Sometimes called a Bitcoin Bonus, these are bonuses that give players money for depositing with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Casino sites often support payments with Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, USD Coin, and a variety of other altcoins.

When players use crypto payments, they take advantage of blockchain technology for faster, more secure, and more private payments. Because the transaction costs are less for casinos, the bonuses they offer are often bigger for crypto payments.

For instance, if a credit card bonus is $1000, then a crypto bonus might be for $1500. If you use crypto in everyday life, then you should be collecting crypto bonuses. If you’re new to crypto and don’t like the fluctuations in the market, consider Tether or USD Coin deposits. Both are pegged to the US dollar, so they mirror the dollar’s value.

High Roller Bonuses

Sites love for high rollers to sign up, so they often the biggest match rates and bonus amounts for high stakes players. Sites sometimes call any deposit over $100 a high roller deposit, but that’s not really what we’re talking about here.

Instead, a true high roller bonus is one tailored to VIP players. Some players gamble at such high volumes they receive special status at the casino. They have Platinum-tier rewards in the VIP program, receive special cashback offers, and have access to a VIP account manager. The site often gives these players specially-tailored high roller bonuses.

Free Spin Bonuses

Some promotions dispense with the cash. Instead, they give players a certain number of free spins on select or featured online slots. These are free spin bonuses, and they might involve as few as 10 free spins or as many as 1600 free spins.

Free spin bonuses are sometimes attached to other promotions. You’ll receive a certain amount of bonus cash plus free spins. These are often the most lucrative promotions in the casino.

More Types of Bonus Offers

Online casinos offer countless other bonus offers. Some sites offer birthday bonuses or anniversary bonuses. Others offer seasonal bonuses or Christmas bonuses. Most offer refer-a-friend bonuses. The list goes on and on, so expect to find more types of promotions than what we have listed here.

BetUS Casino Bonuses Review

Players can choose from three different signup bonuses at BetUS Casino. The more you deposit, the higher the match rate. Below is a review of the 250%, 200%, and 150% welcome bonuses at the site.

250% Casino Crypto Signup

If you want the highest match rate, you should deposit using one of the crypto payment methods. This is a 250% match bonus up to $5,000 on your first deposit. It has a $100 minimum deposit requirement. Use the promo code CAS250 to unlock this offer.

The rollover requirement is 40x the bonus. It has a $10,000 max cashout limit and a 7-day expiration date from the time of your first deposit.

200% Casino Sign-Up Bonus

The best offer for credit card and debit card users is the 200% Casino Sign-Up Bonus up to $5000. When you use the promo code CAS200, you’ll receive a 200% offer up to $5000. Make a $2500 deposit to max out the offer at $5000.

This promotion has a 30x rollover requirement and a $5,000 max cashout stipulation. The minimum deposit requirement is $50, while it has a 7-day expiry.

150% Casino Sign-Up Bonus

BetUS Casino has a smaller bonus with the 150% Casino Signup Bonus up to $3000 on your first deposit. When you use the coupon code CAS150, you’ll receive a 150% match rate up to $3000. Make a $2000 deposit to receive $3000.

The max cashout on this offer is $10,000, while the minimum deposit is $50. It has a 7-day expiration date and a 30x rollover requirement.

20% Cash Bonus

The best reload bonus at BetUS Casino is the 20% cash bonus up to $500 for crypto deposits. Make a $100 deposit or more and use the promo code 20CASH to receive the offer. Make a $2500 deposit to collect another $500 in cash.

The maximum deposit amount is $2500, while it has a mere 6% rollover requirement. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions, so the 50% extra for crypto deposits does not apply.

Slots of Vegas Bonuses Review

Bonus shoppers should not overlook Slots of Vegas. No casino featured on Slots Guy has more bonus offers than this site. It offers two different welcome bonuses, a contest that gives away a Tesla 3 electric vehicle, and a huge list of bonus codes for most every gaming situation. The 250% welcome bonus is the best place to start.

250% Welcome Bonus

The 250% Signup Bonus is the main welcome bonus on the site. The main difference between this offer and the one below is it’s focused only on slots and Keno. Besides offering a higher match rate than the offer below, it also provides 50 free spins on the site’s most popular slots.

To receive the offer, use the promo code NEW250. This unlocks a 250% bonus up to $2500 on your first deposit. Slots and Keno clear the requirement, which is only 5x the bonus. It has no max cashout stipulation and a minimum deposit requirement of $30.

190% Welcome Bonus

The 190% Signup Bonus doesn’t offer as high of a match rate, but it allows players to clear the requirement by playing blackjack and video poker. When you use the code NEW190, it unlocks a 190% bonus up to $1900.

This offer again has a “no max cashout” stipulation and a minimum deposit requirement of 30. If you play blackjack or video poker to clear the wagering requirement, the playthrough will be 30x the bonus. If you play slots or Keno, the playthrough requirement is 30x.

Epic Outrun 3 Contest: Tesla Model 3 Prize

The Epic Outrun 3 Contest gives players a wide range of prizes, including free chip bonuses ranging from $15 to $100 and cashback offers ranging from 10% to 40% cashback. It offers a Tesla Model 3 as the top prize. The Tesla prize is set apart from the $200,000 in prize money for players.

Lesser prizes include an Apple iPhone 14, an Apple 13 Macbook Pro M2, an Apple Watch SE, a Bulova Watch, a Bugatti Valentino backpack, a 10th Generation Apple iPad, and a Sony Home Theater System. Players also can win 20 free spins on Plentiful Treasure Slots, 30 free spins on Mighty Drums Slots, and 40 free spins on Bonus Wheel Jungle Slots.

Slots of Vegas Bonus Codes

Slots of Vegas is known for posting a huge number of promotional codes that unlock special bonuses. In all, players will find over 40 promo codes at Slots of Vegas. Click on the “Promotions” link to find the big list of bonus codes. Here are the best offers currently available on that list.

  • 250% No Max Bonus – BIGCAT250 – $100
  • 220% No Max Bonus – BIGCAT220 – $75
  • 199% Slots Bonus – 199LUNCH – $39
  • 200% New Game Bonus – BIGCATWIN200 – $50
  • 260% Early Bird Bonus – VIPMORNING – $90
  • 200% Morning Bonus for $30 – VEGASDRUMS – $100
  • Late Night Bonus – 190NIGHT – $60
  • 65 Free Spins on Big Cat Links – BIGCATVEGAS – No Deposit
  • 40 Spins and 1 – COPYCATWIN – $50

Wild Casino Bonuses Review

Wild Casino offers two welcome bonuses — one for credit card users and one for crypto users. The site also offers weekly bonuses, a weekly rebate, and a Game of the Week slots contest. It’s a nice promotional package for players who choose Wild Casino.

$5,000 Welcome Bonus

The main welcome bonus at Wild Casino is the $5000 Welcome Bonus plus 125 free spins. This offer has two promo codes — WILD250 and WILD100 — so players should pay close attention to which codes to use when depositing. On your first deposit, use the promo code WILD250 to receive a 250% match rate up to $1000.

On the second through fifth deposits, use the coupon code WILD100 to receive a 100% match rate up to $1000. When you deposit $75 or more, you’ll receive 125 free spins on April Fury & The Chamber of Secrets. Wild Casino rewards free spins within 36 hours of your first deposit. This bonus is valid for slots, table games, and video poker. Live dealer games do not apply. It has a 40x rollover requirement.

$9000 Crypto Welcome Bonus

If you want the largest welcome bonus at Wild Casino, you’ll need to deposit with a cryptocurrency. On the first deposit, use the promo code CRYPTO300 to receive a 300% bonus up to $3000. On the second through fifth deposits, using the coupon code CRYPTO150 to receive a 150% bonus up to $1500 each time. Add it up and it comes to a $9000 in potential bonus cash.

The minimum deposit requirement is $20, while the rollover requirement is 45x. The maximum release amount is 5x the bonus amount up to $5000, while the expiry is 30 days.

Daily Bonuses at Wild Casino

Wild Casino also has a series of daily bonuses on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. For the Tuesday Top Up Bonus, use the bonus code WCTOPUP to receive a $50 deposit bonus with a minimum $50 deposit. It can be triggered 3 times each Tuesday but doesn’t apply to Skrill or Neteller.

The Wild Wednesdays Reload Bonus gives players a 100% bonus up to $400 on deposits of $200 or more when they use the code 100WILD. If you make a deposit of $50 or more and use the code 50WILD, you’ll receive a 50% bonus up to $250. The Sunday Fun Day Bonus offers players up to $500. Make a deposit of $100 or more and use the code WCSUNFUN to receive a 50% offer up to $500.

10% Weekly Rebate

Wild Casino also has a 10% Weekly Rebate offer on play between Monday and Thursday. If you finish those days with a cumulative losing record, you’ll receive a credit for 10% of your losses up to $250. This doesn’t apply to the live casino and the minimum loss requirement is $1,000.

Game of the Week Contest

Each week, Wild Casino also has a Game of the Week contest. Play the Game of the Week for one of ten weekly $500 bonuses. Players get an extra entry for every additional 100 spins they play each week. The Game of the Week currently is April Fury & The Chamber of Secrets, but it soon will be another online slot.

BetOnline Casino Bonuses Review

BetOnline’s bonuses are not as large as many competitors, but that’s because BetOnline is an old and established casino site. Without the need to attract new customers quickly, its promotional department is more cautious with the promotional cash. That should tell players that BetOnline is trusted and reputable online casino, since it feels no need to throw cash at potential new players.

100% Casino Welcome Bonus

BetOnline’s main bonus is the 100% Casino Welcome Bonus up to $1000 on your first three deposits. This offer has a minimum deposit requirement of $25. When you make a minimum deposit at BetOnline Casino and use the promo code BETCASINO. This offer is good for your first three deposits, so you can collect $3000 in bonus money in all.

The offer has a 45x wagering requirement and a 30-day expiry. It applies only to Betsoft games, while it doesn’t apply at all to baccarat, roulette, or craps.

20% Monthly Reload

BetOnline has a simple 20% Monthly Reload Bonus. Deposit $25 or more and use the current bonus code to receive a 20% bonus up to $500. The bonus code involves the month that you make the deposit, so the current promo code is MAR2024.

The offer applies to slots, table games, and video poker. It doesn’t apply to Neteller or Skrill deposits. The rollover requirement is 25x the bonus.

BetOnline Game of the Week Contest

Like Wild Casino, BetOnline has a Game of the Week contest. Play at least 100 spins on the Game of the Week to enter the contest, which gives away ten $500 bonuses. Each additional 100 spins played gives you another entry in the contest.

BetOnline issues bonuses every Friday. The current Game of the Week is 88 Totems of Fortune, but this is destined to change to another game soon. Keep reading for the latest details on BetOnline’s Game of the Week slots contest.

Turbo Tuesday Bonus

When you deposit $50 or more on Tuesday and use the promo code BETTURBO9, you’ll receive an extra $50. This offer is good for your first three deposit each Tuesday. It doesn’t include Neteller or Skrill deposits and has a 45x playthrough requirement. The bonus cash remains for 14 days after your qualifying deposit.

10% Weekly Rebate

BetOnline Casino has a 10% weekly rebate on all games except live dealer games. The rebate offer applies to betting Monday through Thursday. If at the of that period you have cumulative losses, you’ll receive a 10% rebate on those losses.

The offer is valid for 7 days, while the minimum loss required is $1000. The maximum rebate offer is $250, which is paid out in tiers of $10 apiece. The rollover requirement is 40x, while no special registration is required.

Game Contribution Rates

Most of BetOnline Casino’s bonuses offer allow the play of table games and video poker, but not live dealer games. These game allowed don’t all contribute the same to the rollover requirement. Slots games excluding progressive slots contribute 100%, but that’s where things get complicated.

Draw High-Lo and 3-Card Rummy contribute 20%. All video poker games and some table games (unless stated otherwise) contribute 10%. All blackjack and all roulette contribute 5%. So do baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Pontoon, and Top Card Trumps. Games like craps, live casino, progressive jackpot games, the virtual racebook, and Ride’M Poker do not apply to the requirement. Neither sdoe specialty games offered by Betsoft, such as Keno and the scratcher games.

Las Atlantis Casino Bonuses Review

The welcome bonus at Las Atlantis Casino is a bit confusing, but it’s also the biggest welcome bonus offer. High rollers will enjoy the offer if they don’t mind somewhat confusing terms. The New Games Bonus and special bonuses are less confusing, so players should be happy with what they find at Las Atlantis Casino. The good news: penny players can collect bonus cash for deposits at little as $10.

$2800 Slots + Cards Bonus

Las Atlantis’s best welcome bonus is the $2800 Slots + Cards Bonus. While this offer sounds like it gives players only $2800 in bonus cash — and the site header says it has a max $9000 bonus — this offer actually unlocks $14,000 in bonus money. That’s because it’s valid 5 times and has the same terms on all five deposits.

First, use the coupon code LASATLANTIS when making a deposit up to $1000. The match rate is 280%, so you’ll receive $2800 in bonus money when you make a $1000 deposit. Use the same coupon code each time. After five payments, the bonus amount maxes out at $14,000.

The terms require a $10 deposit using Neosurf or a $20 deposit using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Flexepin. If you use a credit card or debit card, the minimum deposit amount is $30. If you use Tether, the minimum deposit is $40. This offer’s wagering requirement is 35x the deposit plus bonus, while the max bet is $10. The game requirements are slots, Keno, scratch cards, and board games.

New Games Bonus

The New Games Bonus at Las Atlantic Casino is 120 free spins on a select games. Currently, the featured game is Undersea Treasure Slots. This offer is valid twice when you use the promo code SWEETSONG.

Its wagering requirement is 30x the deposit plus spin winnings. The games includes for the wagering requirement are video slots, Keno, board games, and scratch cards.

Once again, the minimum deposit terms are $10 using Neosurf or a $20 using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Flexepin. Those who use a credit card or debit card, the minimum deposit amount is $30. Those who use Tether (USDT) have a minimum deposit of $40.

Special Bonuses at Las Atlantis Casino

The special bonuses at Las Atlantis Casino have a max bonus up to $1650 when you play slots or scratch card games. This is a tiered bonus based on the deposit level. That means you’ll find similar bonuses at $1500, $1400, $1300, and $1200.

To receive the max bonus, you’ll need to make a deposit of $150 or more using Neosurf, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Flexepin, Tether, or credit cards. A $100 deposit using one of those payment methods unlocks a $1500 bonus, while a $75 deposit unlocks $1400. A $50 deposit activates a $1300 bonus, while $10 to $30 deposits on those banking methods unlocks $1200 in bonus cash.

In each case, the wagering requirement is 35x the bonus plus deposits. The games to clear the requir3ement include slots, scratch cards, board games, Keno, and Reel-Series Slots from RealTime Gaming (RTG).