Yahtzee Slots (Las Vegas Payouts and Jackpots)

Yahtzee is a popular dice game made by Milton Bradley, and played by people all over the world. It is only natural that the success of this board game would translate into the same at the casino. Mikohn Gaming is the mastermind behind Yahtzee slot machines, as well as many others including Clue slots and Battleship slots. Yahtzee slots share many characteristics and components with the popular board game.

Yahtzee Slot Machine Game

It is easy to see that Yahtzee slots are basically the same as the board game. The dice results from the board game have been converted to reels, but this does not mean that you will never come across dice when playing. Both versions of the game feature dice in many prominent areas, including the bonus round (more on this to come).

Yahtzee Bonus Slots Game

Yahtzee Bonus is a three reel game that offers a high hit frequency. This game features a bonus feature that extends game play, while giving you the chance to increase your payout.

Yahtzee Take A Chance Slots

Yahtzee Take A Chance is similar to Yahtzee Bonus, but offers a few unique twists that are sure to keep you on your toes. When playing this game, your goal is to roll the Chance result as often as possible. This may not be the best way to play the board game, but with Yahtzee slots this can make you a winner. Of course, there is a bonus round that adds spice to the game.

Yahtzee Video Slots

Video Yahtzee is also available, and is governed by a fictitious character “Mr. Pips.” If three or more Mr. Pips symbols are scattered on this 45 coin, multi-line machine, you will come out a winner.

Yahtzee Slot Machines: How to Play the Game

Playing Yahtzee slots is simple and to the point. To start, you must choose which version of the game you are interested in. Even though Video Yahtzee has become very popular, the other two options are every bit as exciting. No matter if you choose a three reel Yahtzee Bonus machine, or the multi-line video slots, you are going to have a good time. While winning during regular game play is fun, and often times easy thanks to a high hit frequency, the real fun starts when you reach a bonus round.

Yahtzee Slots Bonus Games

When playing Yahtzee Bonus, the bonus round is triggered when a Yahtzee symbol appears on the third reel. Perhaps the nicest feature of the bonus round is that the game is not based purely on luck, you can use your skills to win more money. Much like video poker, you have the right to hold or throw back combinations in an attempt to maximize your bonus. You have two chances, if you want to take them, to improve your combination. The minimum payout is 30 coins with five 6’s paying out at a maximum of 1k coins.

With Yahtzee Take A Chance, when you reach the bonus round all you have to do is spin the dice; you don’t have to rely on your skills or decision making ability to play. Basic payouts range from 15 to 100 coins, but a Chance symbol activates a multiplier which allows you to win up to 1,200 coins.

Yahtzee slot machines have been a favorite of players for several years. I have played these games in casinos from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, as well as riverboats down south.


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