WMS Slots (Williams Gaming Slot Machines List)

WMS Gaming is also known as Williams Gaming, its official name. Just like many other companies in the slots industry, WMS Gaming got its start elsewhere. For them, it was with pinball machines. But soon enough, the company had taken off thanks to the popularity of slot machines. This eventually led to WMS Gaming becoming a publicly traded company. As you can imagine, this alone has made Williams Gaming Slot Machines stand out above the crowd.

The History of WMS Gaming and Their Transition into Casino Gaming Slot Machines

In 1974, WMS Gaming got its start. Early on, they concentrated mainly on pinball machines. This is similar to the start of another popular slots company, Bally Technologies, Inc. During the late 70’s and 80’s, WMS Gaming continued to sell a wide variety of video games. This included consoles for arcades as well as hand held games for at home use.

In 1991, WMS Gaming began to sell lottery machines in many different states. This is when many states began to offer the lottery, so as you can imagine, WMS Gaming got involved at the right time.

Shortly after jumping into the lottery industry, WMS Gaming produced its first slot machine known as Reel ‘em In slots. This slot machine was known for its high level of technology, bonus games, and much more.

By 1998, WMS Gaming had moved entirely into the casino gaming industry. Gone were the days of selling pinball machines and other types of video games. Of course, by concentrating solely on slot machines, WMS Gaming took off like none other.

Monopoly slots is one of the company’s best sellers. This slot machine is based off of the popular Monopoly board game. Due to the popularity of this board game for several decades, it is no wondering that this slot machine became so popular.

WMS Gaming has also made a killing on its Clint Eastwood slot machines. These games are based around several Eastwood films including Dirty Harry and The Man with No Name.

Other popular WMS Gaming slot machines include: Match Game, Men in Black slots, King Midas, Road to Riches, Cool Cat Cash, and Kaboom among many others.

WMS Gaming has a solid foot in the gaming industry thanks to becoming a publicly traded company in 1998. With the resources to succeed, it is safe to say that WMS Gaming will be manufacturing slot machines for many years to come.

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