If you like to play keno live in the casino, you may want to consider playing the online video keno variation. Be aware that there are some minor differences between the two games. However, you should not have any problems adjusting to the video keno game offered online. For the most part, the basic game play and strategy are very similar. This is one reason why so many people switch back and forth between live casino based Keno and the online Video Keno versions of the game. You can play the online version of video keno at Golden Casino.

Keno Game Differences

There are two main differences that you will want to be aware of when switching to play video keno. First and foremost, video keno usually offers a higher return than the live version of the game. As a player, you are always looking for the games that offer the best returns. For this reason, there are not too many reasons to play live keno instead of the video based game. After all, if the fun factor is going to be the same you might as well give yourself the best chance of taking home the most cash.

Another difference between the two is that video keno is played at a much faster pace. When you play the video variation there is no lag time to deal with. As you know, live keno consists of filling out a paper card with a crayon, and then waiting for the next drawing to take place. But on the other hand, with video keno you will be working straight from the machine with no delay. If you are a fast paced player who likes to move from one game to the next, video keno is definitely the better option of the two.

If you like the basic outline of keno, you need to choose between the live and video versions. After you play both, you should have a better idea of which one you like the most. Although not every player agrees, the majority of people feel that video keno offers the better value when it comes to both time and potential return.

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