Which Vegas Casinos Offer Free Slots Play to New Customers? (Top 20)

One of the best ways to get a head start on your gambling quest is to uncover which Vegas casinos offer free slots play to new customers. After all, slots enthusiasts are at a tremendous disadvantage from jump street.

The house edge on slots can range from 5% up to 14%, and the spins are over in seconds. For those two reasons, players burn through money at an alarming rate.

Slots players can’t get an edge like card counters enjoy in blackjack. So, they must idly sit back, watch their bankroll get depleted, and hope Lady Luck shines on them.

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Casino Marquee - Which Vegas Casinos Offer Free Slots Play to New Customers?

Any chance to add some funds to your bankroll can help stretch your money until something unexpected happens, and you win. Which Vegas casinos offer free slots play to new customers?




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  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

Here are the top 20 casinos where players can enjoy free slots play just for signing up for a player’s card.

1 – Silver Nugget

Silver Nugget is a familiar name off the beaten path, located in northern Las Vegas. The casino offers a random free play to new customers ranging from $3 to $100.

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2 – Ichabod’s Lounge

Ichabod’s Lounge is one of the serviceable casinos off Decatur highway. Slots players get $20 in free spins after spending $20.

At the rate slot machines tear through money, most players can earn this reward in minutes. You don’t have to lose $20; merely spend that amount, and you get rewarded.

So, you could be adding $20 to the money you’ve already won.

3 – The D

The D is one of Las Vegas’ Downtown institutions. Their offer on free slots play is the gift that keeps on giving.

For every 50 points you earn playing slot machines; the casino adds $5 in free play to your player’s club account. It may not sound like much, but the bonus money can add up rather nicely.

Slot machines are fickle, and you never know when your next spin could be a jackpot.

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4 – Main Street Station

Another Downtown casino offering free slots play is Main Street Station. All new customers need to do is play $5 on the slots, and the casino gives them $5 in welcome cash to play on the slot machines.

5 – Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is one of the most recognizable names in Las Vegas. First-time casino gamblers off the Strip often find themselves at the Golden Nugget.

Sign up for the player’s card, and the casino will begin showering you with freebies almost immediately. As soon as you play $10, the casino will match with $10 in free slots play.

6 – El Cortez

Some casinos take extraordinary strides to put the customers first. El Cortez is one of those casinos in Las Vegas.

Players need to earn 600 points to unlock the free slots play. But when you do, you’ll draw for up to $1,000 in free slots play.

It’s a fast and easy way to get a nice little boost to your slot machine bankroll. El Cortez has player-friendly rules on most of their games, so the entire crew can make their money go farther.

7 – Klondike Sunset Casino

Klondike Sunset casino is a far cry from the behemoth resort compounds you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip. Perhaps that’s why the casino is such a hit with the locals.

New customers can enjoy $5 in free play when signing up for the casino’s Player’s Edge card.

8 – Bighorn Casino

Bighorn Casino smartly rewards new customers. The casino generously rewards players with 2500 points, but the rewards aren’t valid for seven days.

You can go the clever route of planning and signing up for the player’s club online before you leave for Las Vegas. Then your rewards will be waiting for you when you walk into the casino for the first time.

9 – Cannery Casino and Hotel

The Cannery Casino and Hotel has one of the best free slots promotions for new customers. If a new player loses on the slot machines, a refund gets loaded to the account of up to $200 in free slots play.

So, your entire first session could be on the house.

10 – Lucky Club Hotel and Casino

New customers at Lucky Club Hotel and Casino get their free play on slots in true Vegas fashion. That means it’s completely random but could be lucrative.

New accounts receive a random free play of between $3-$100. Your odds of being on the lower end of that spectrum are high, but every penny counts when you’re playing slot machines.

11 – The STRAT

The STRAT is one of the most elegant casino properties in Las Vegas. It’s also one of the most expensive, from the casino floor to the restaurants.

So, you’ll want to make the most of any opportunity to save a buck. New customers automatically receive $5 to $10 in free slots play for registering an account.

12 – Palace Station

Palace Station is located on the northern tip of the Las Vegas Strip. That makes it one of the fringe casinos that many players skip entirely because of convenience.

However, Palace Station has one of the best free slot play offers for new customers. Players spin for a chance of winning $5 to $500 in free slots play.

One lucky spin of the wheel could completely cover your entire Vegas trip.

13 – Aliante Station

Aliante Station isn’t quite as generous as its sister casino. Still, new customers will receive up to $100 in free play for the slot machines.

The off the Strip casinos are famous for offering a higher return to players on slots, and Aliante has some of the best returns in all of Vegas. That’s an important consideration when choosing where to get your slots fix.

14 – Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is touristy, which says a lot since Las Vegas is built on tourism. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fantastic slots play at Hard Rock.

The casino immediately gives new players $5 in free play to enjoy their favorite game or try a new one.

15 – Harrah’s

Harrah’s has a generous comp program that allows players to earn and redeem loyalty rewards at casinos across the country. When new customers sign up for the player’s card, they get a $10 matching offer on slot machines.

That’s a beautiful benefit to enjoy for players on a limited bankroll.

16 – Margaritaville Casino

Margaritaville Casino is the go-to Las Vegas destination for all the Parrot Heads in the crowd. The $5 in free slots play for new customers can extend your bankroll, which is necessary after spending $45 on a t-shirt.

Again, $5 may not sound like much, but the allure of slot machines is that you’re always one spin away from completely changing your fortunes.

17 – Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. It’s probably in the conversation for best casinos in the United States.

The reason Caesars is so good is that they can do everything well. So, the $10 bonus to new customers may not blow your socks off, but it adds to the already excellent experience.

18 – Casino Royale

Casino Royale gives new customers $20 in free slots play after spending $20. Like the other free play offers of this kind, you don’t need to lose a single dollar.

After you’ve played $20 on the slots, an additional $20 will get automatically added to your card.

19 – Ellis Island

Ellis Island knows how to keep players happy. In recent years, the total rebrand of the property has given new life to the casino and pulled in a vibrant new customer base.

After a new customer has spent $5, they have a chance to win up to $500 in free play on slot machines.

20 – Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

The Rio is a name that many veteran casino gamblers automatically associate with Las Vegas. The off-Strip property has some of the highest RTP slot machines in Vegas.

New customers get $10 in free slots play merely for snagging a player’s club card. I can’t tell you how many times players have told me stories about being down to their last $10 and hitting a big win that prolonged their session or sent them home a winner.

So, don’t scoff at the casino for giving you free slots play, regardless of the amount.


Which Vegas casinos offer free slots play to new customers?

Well, with over 140 casinos, the list is long and ever-changing. The casinos above offer players some of the best deals and consistently have free slots play for new guests.

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