The G+ Series from WMS Gaming is all about fun, big wins, and free spins. Treasure Diver slot machines fit in nicely with the many other games in the lineup. In fact, many players have found this game to be their favorite thanks to the theme that takes them thousands of feet below the sea.

How to Play Treasure Diver Slot Machines

With five reels you will not have any problem learning how to play Treasure Diver slots. As part of the G+ Series, you can be rest assured that the symbols are big, the graphics are high quality, and the audio will keep your ears open. When you put all of this together you have a high energy atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. One thing is for sure: Treasure Diver is anything but a boring slot machine.

Treasure Diver Free Spin Feature

The free spin feature is what makes Treasure Diver slot machineseven more popular. To trigger the feature you must receive three or more scattered bonus symbols. The first time around, you will win 10 to 15 free spins in addition to a 1x multiplier. For each winning spin the multiplier increases by 5x. If you get on a hot streak the multiplier can reach 25x. As you can imagine, this allows you to win quite a bit of money.

Treasure Diver Slots Symbols

When playing Treasure Diver slot machines you will come across many symbols – all of which have to do with heading into the ocean and finding lost treasure. Some of t hem include: bonus, treasure chest, coin, medallion, and antique cup.

How much do Treasure Diver Slots cost?

You can play Treasure Diver slot machines for as little as one cent per spin. Of course, you have the right to bet more for larger payouts.

From the moment you sit down at a Treasure Diver slot machine you will realize just how simple it is to play. As you get started, free spins will come your way and multipliers will give you the chance to win a lot of money. WMS Gaming hit it big when they released Treasure Diver slot machines to the public.

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