In the early days of the company, Shuffle Master never thought twice about offering slot machines to casinos. Instead, they focused more closely on manufacturing automatic card shufflers. But soon enough the company realized that they were interested in the profits being generated by the manufacture of slot machines, and broke into the industry in the late 1990’s by releasing Three Stooges slots. Based on one of the most popular comedic acts of all time, Shuffle Master did not have any problems getting the Three Stooges slots into casinos all over the United States.

Where Can I Play the Three Stooges Slots Online?

Unlike many popular slot machine games, you can play the Three Stooges slot online. Real Time Gaming(RTG) hosts an online version of the Three Stooges Slots. You can visit any one of their fine online casinos and you will find the Three Stooges slot machine game. Personally, I would recommend Slots Plus Casino. Slots Plus offers a $500 bonus as is known for quick payouts and prompt customer service should you encounter a problem that needs to be resolved.

Three Stooges Slots: The Details

While playing Three Stooges slot machines, players have the chance to watch clips of Larry, Moe, and Curly. Even if you are not a fan of the famous Three Stooges television show, you will still have a fun time playing Three Stooges slots. And don’t forget about Shemp; he is even included in one version of the game.

Three Stooges Slot Machines Game Play

The first thing you will notice about Three Stooges slot machines is that they are character driven. No matter what version you are playing, the Stooges faces are sure to pop up on the reels time after time. Three Stooges slot machines consist of three reels and allow you to bet up to three coins. Machines are available in dollar, half dollar, and quarter versions. With a maximum bet of three dollars and a minimum of $.25, every player can take part in these games. This is not a video slot machine, even though there is some video included once you make your way to the bonus round. In addition to faces on the reels, other common symbols include a pie (the Stooges love to throw these at each other), a wrench and phrases such as “Woob! Woob!”.

Three Stooges Slots Bonus Games

Players who are lucky enough to line up three “Bonus Stooges” on a payline will have the chance to play a bonus round. The bonus game is displayed on a large video screen above your machine for the entire casino to watch.

One thing is for sure: Three Stooges slots are fun no matter if you are winning or losing. Since being released in the late 90’s I have played these machines in many casinos on the Vegas Strip, and have yet to make it through a game without cracking a smile.


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