The Lucky Leprechaun Slots (VGT Slot Machine Review)

Another slot machine game the wife played during our trip to Choctaw casino near Durant, OK in July 2009 was The Lucky Leprechaun slots. This game is another winner from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT). With a name like The Lucky Leprechaun slots, you should already have a pretty good idea about the theme of this slot game. It is centered around a Leprechaun and his pot of gold, of course. I like playing slots games with a definite theme. I would suspect that most slot players feel the same way as just about every new game introduced into the casinos these days have some kind of theme to them. This game will not disappoint you in the respect.

The Lucky Leprechaun Slots: The Basics

Like a lot of VGT slot machine games, The Lucky Leprechaun slots is a single payline, three reel mechanical game. Again, like many VGT slots, The Lucky Leprechaun slot game is powered by VGT’s exclusive Live Call Bingo real-time bingo engine. It also will have the bingo screen immediately above the reels where the real action is taking place. That makes this game another VGT bingo game masquerading as a slot machine.

The Lucky Leprechaun slots come in denominations of as little as $.25 all the way up to $25.00 for you high rollers. The maximum payout for this slot machine game is 2,500 credits.

The Lucky Leprechaun Slots Red Screen Free Spin Bonus

Just like the other VGT games we played on this trip, Hot Red Ruby slots and Star Spangled Sevens slots, The Lucky Leprechaun slots utilizes the red screen free spin bonus feature that is quickly making these VGT games classics. As I have written before in other game summaries, the Red Screen Free Spin Bonus is awarded randomly just like jackpots are. And, the free spin bonus is activated only after you have had a winner of some kind, even the return of wager winner you get when no symbols line up on your payline at all.

Randomly, after a winning spin, the bingo screen above the reels will turn red and the reels will be spun automatically. The player is then awarded another bonus of whatever lands on the payline as a result of this free spin. It has been my experience that the amount won from the free spin is always equal to or greater than the amount won from the original spin.

Our Lucky Leprechaun Slots Game Play Experience

This machine caught our (my wife’s) eye as we were headed to the cashier to get paid for her $700 winner on Star Spangled Sevens Slots. So, it was a pure impulse play to be sure. I handed her my 50 dollar and change cash-out loser ticket for her to play with and further admonished her to leave $20 for me to play the $.05 Cool Catz machine – I wanted to give it one more try before I left.

My wife played this game for about five minutes are so and wasn’t really winning. But, she wasn’t losing either. Which was good as this was a $1 slot machine. Then she hit three bars and The Lucky Leprechaun slots red screen free bonus spin screen turned red. She hit $200 on that bonus spin! Awesome! I abandoned my plan to play the nickel slot and we headed to the cashier to get our money and went home ahead $200 for the night.

The Lucky Leprechaun Slots Makes The Grade

Even though I did not personally play The Lucky Leprechaun slots, my wife enjoyed playing it very much – and I had a good time watching her play it. I must admit that I am hooked on these VGT Red Screen Free Spin Bonus games. And, somewhere, deep down, I believe that the three reel mechanical feel to the games appeals to the old timer in me. But, it must appeal to others as well as these games are always packed with players of all age groups.

Bottom line; I highly recommend playing The Lucky Leprechaun slots and the other Red Screen Free Spin Bonus games by VGT.

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