Tabasco Slot Machine Games (High Limit Vegas Slots)

If you like it hot you are sure to have a great time playing Tabasco slot machines. With many different types of Tabasco slots to choose from every player will be able to find a machine that is perfect for them. As you can probably tell by now, these games are based around the famous Tabasco hot sauce. While this may sound like a silly theme, it is one that attracts many people day after day. If you are walking the casino floor and come across a Tabasco bottle on a slot machine you will know for sure what game you are about to play.

How to Play Tabasco Slots

The most common variation of Tabasco slots feature five reels and 20 paylines. This is the most recent version of the game, and the one that many players are interested in. The maximum bet is 1,000 coins with a maximum payout of 20,000 coins. As you can see, Tabasco slot machines do not do anything small. If you want to win a lot you have to bet a lot. With many multipliers and the ability to collect free spins, you can win a lot of money even if you never have the luck to win the jackpot.

Tabasco Video Slot Machines

In addition to the most recent release, Tabasco video slots are also common in many casinos. These games feature five reels and 12 paylines. The main benefit of the video version is the maximum payout of 200,000 coins. As you can see, this is 10 times the amount that you can win with the most recent version of the game. The huge jackpot is the number one reason that people have been flocking to Tabasco slots for many years. As long as the jackpot stays large it is safe to say that this game will always be quite popular.

Tabasco Enhanced Slots

There is a third version of this game known as Tabasco Enhanced Platform slots. This game also features five reels and 20 paylines. But the big difference between this game and the others is the maximum jackpot of 400,000 coins. You are not going to find slot jackpots this large at most machines.

Even if you don’t like hot sauce you can still have a great time playing Tabasco slot machines. With three variations, all offering fun and money, you would be a fool to pass on this game.

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