Another great game from Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (VGT), Star Spangled Sevens slots is one of those machines that you are probably going to have to wait until someone gets up from a machine to play during the evening and weekend peak gaming hours. I learned this first hand during a recent trip to Choctaw casino near Durant, Ok. These machines are always packed, for good reason; they are a blast to play! Just be prepared for the inevitable “lurkers” standing behind you waiting for you to leave so that they can take your place.

The Details

Star Spangled Sevens Slots is a three reel mechanical one payline slot game. Like other VGT games like Hot Red Ruby slots, The Lucky Leprechaun slots, Mr. Money Bags slots and Mr. Millionaire slots, Star Spangled Sevens slots are powered VGT’s exclusive “Live Call Bingo” real time bingo engine. What this means is that these slot machine games are really not slot machines at all! It is really a bingo game dressed up as a slot machine including the spinning reels. Star Spangled Sevens slots come in denominations as low as $.25 all the way up to $5.00. The max jackpot award is 10,000 credits.

Slot Game Play

The symbols on the reels of Star Spangled Sevens slot machines include the typical one, two and three bar symbols found on most slot machines, red white and blue colored number 7 symbols of differing variations. The red, white and blue on the seven symbols mimic the stars and stripes on the US flag. The blue portions have white stars on them. Another symbol on the real is the elliptical shaped Star Spangled Sevens slots symbol. It is shaped like a pregnant football – the shape is much like you will find on other machines.

Like other slot machines, you win when you match three like symbols on the payline. However, being that this is a bingo machine; the reels are only reflecting wins from the bingo screen above the reels. I called Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) to get more information on this because, to be quite honest, I am more than a bit confused by all of this. I asked several players at Choctaw casino who seemed like old hands at this game and they could not explain it to me either. Anyway, VGT is supposed to be sending me some information in the mail. I’ll update this page once I receive it and understand it

Red Screen Free Spin Bonus Game

This is what makes this game so much fun to play. The red screen free spin bonus. According to VGT, the Star Spangled Sevens Slots Red Screen Free Spin Bonus Game is awarded randomly just like the jackpots. However, you will not win the free bonus spin until after you have a winning spin of some kind. This includes winning your wager back because nothing at all lined up on the payline – only white space. O.K. You won something. All of a sudden you notice that the square in the middle of the bingo screen above your head has turned red. Now the reels will spin all by themselves and you are awarded a bonus of whatever lines up on the reels. And, something always does. My wife won $700 a few nights ago at Choctaw casino near Durant, OK on the Star Spangled Sevens Slots Red Screen Free Spin. – One thing I noticed is that the bonus amount you won on the free spin always seemed to be greater than the amount won on the original spin.

My (And My Wife’s) Experience Playing Star Spangled Sevens Slots

As I mentioned earlier, we drove up from Dallas (about an hour and 15 minutes) to Durant, Ok to Choctaw casino and met some friends up there. My friend’s favorite slot machine game is the Star Spangled Sevens slots. We met him at a bank of them just in from of the Blue Moon Café in the back of the casino.

Having never played the game, we asked my friend what the game was about, etc. Of course, the answer was: you put your money in and spin the reels, you idiot! So, the wife and I each stuck a $100 bill in our machines and my friend and his son did likewise. On his second spin, my friend’s son hits $200! About 10 spins later my friend hits $700! Meanwhile the wife and I are down about $50 a piece as these were $1 machines.

After a while the wife and I left to go play some penny slots as these things were eating our lunch. We left my friend behind. He caught with us later as my wife was entering the bonus round at an Indiana Jones game on the other side of the casino. After a couple of hours playing different slots, we went back to the Star Spangled Seven Slot Machines we had played before.

We played for a while and I gave up as between myself and my better half we were down over $700. She gave up soon after and we watched my friend play – he was still ahead. All of a sudden, the wife whips out another Benjamin and shoves it in the machine. She lost about 7 spins in a row and then hits $100. “Cash out” I told her, “this just isn’t our night”. Instead she spins again, hit three bars, and is awarded a red screen free spin. The free spin won her $700. Nice!

Ok. Now she pushes the get ticket button. As we were walking to the cage she spotted another VGT game called The Lucky Leprechaun. I gave her a $50 cash-out ticket I had in my pocket and she gave it a try. After several spins, she got into the bonus round and won another $200. Hell! We were ready to leave down $700 and we ended up $200. We hit the cashier before we could change our minds and headed home winners.

Funny how I seem to bankroll these gambling trips but when my wife wins, I never see any of the money.

My friend ended up giving back all of his winnings and then some. But, after I left, his son won $800 playing Star Spangled Seven Slots!

The Final Judgment

I give this game a big thumbs up! For sure! All of the machines were jammed up with players and those waiting to take their seats, even though it was a week night. And, it just got worse as we got deeper into the evening. All the players seemed to be having a good time and I noticed quite a few winners. You can be that next time I hit a casino, I will be looking for this game. I highly recommend Star Spangled Sevens slots.


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