So 80s Slots (1980s Slot Machine Games to Play)

Rival Gaming Software is the company behind So 80’s slots. It is safe to say that the designer of this game did a great job when putting together the overall theme. Every inch of this slot machine will remind you of the 80’s. For gamers who grew up during this time period, it is safe to say that So 80’s slots will soon become their favorite machine.

So 80’s Slots Features

So 80’s slots consist of five reels and 15 pay lines. This may sound complex, but once you start playing So 80’s slots you will get a feel for how each line effects the amount of money that you can win. As you can imagine, with more pay lines you have a much better chance of winning a lot of money; and this is something that excites all players.

You do not have to look much further than the symbols on the reels to see just how much 80’s this game really is. Some of the symbols include a smiley face, leg warmers, a break dancer, and a beat box. As you probably know, all of these symbols were associated with the 80’s in one way, shape, or form.

So 80’s slots are great for betters or all budget ranges. You can bet as little as one penny or as much as $75 if you are interested in hitting the big jackpot. The top jackpot at So 80’s slots is 5,000 coins. But when you take into consideration the free spins feature, you can win an additional 10,000 coins for a total of 15,000. As you can see, playing So 80’s slots is more than just fun; it can also be very profitable if you are lucky enough to hit it big.

So 80’s slots bring back memories from the good old days, while also giving you the chance to win plenty of money. This makes for a perfect combination!

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