Sigma Slot Machines (Sigma Gaming Slots)

Sigma Gaming was founded in the early 1980’s in Tokyo, Japan. Even though the company relocated to the United States in order to increase their chance of success, Sigma Slots have still held onto some of their early Japanese flair.

Within the casino industry, Sigma is most well known for their technical skills and innovative designs. Their main goal is not the same as many other companies that they compete with. Instead, Sigma hopes to release user friendly games above anything else. All in all, they put a lot of time into making their slot machines easy for players to get used to. This is a stark contrast to other companies who concentrate more on attracting players with big name celebrities, movies, etc.

Sigma Slant Top Slot Machines and Video Poker Machines

Sigma may very well be best known for their slant top machine. This was developed in 1990, and was the first slant top machine to hit casino floors. The main benefit of this design is the comfort. This allows players to sit at a machine for many hours without experience pain or fatigue. And when players are comfortable, it is safe to say that they will stay put for a longer period of time; of course, this works out to Sigma’s advantage.

One of the most popular Sigma slot machines is The Game of Life. This was based on the board game, which helped to increase its popularity. Other popular slot machines by Sigma include Treasure Tunnel, Treasure Wheel, Big Top Circus, Big Mouth Bass, Easy Riches, Full of Sheep, and Wild Patriot among many others.

In addition to slot machines, Sigma is also well known for manufacturing video poker machines.

Sigma has been in the casino business for many years. They have run into some financial troubles recently, but hope to pull through very soon. It is safe to say that slot machine enthusiasts also hope that Sigma stays around for many more years to come.

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