Shuffle Master and John Breeding (Slot Machines?)

Shuffle Master has not always concentrated on slot machines, but over the years this has changed. In 1982, John Breeding founded Shuffle Master. During this time he had no involvement in the industry except for the time that he spent at Atlantic City casinos playing blackjack. At this time, Breeding realized that card counting was becoming a major problem for casinos. This is when he decided to set out to invent the first automatic card shuffler. In today’s day and age, you would have a hard time walking into any casino and not finding at least one Shuffle Master automatic shuffler.

Shuffle Master Slot Machine History

Since Shuffle Master had made plenty of industry connections by selling their automatic shufflers, it only made sense to get into the slot machine industry. By the late 1990’s they were well on their way to becoming a success. Even though the company has never been on the cutting edge of innovation, they have achieved high sales numbers year in and year out.

Shuffle Master has produced many popular slot machines over the years. Their first hit was The Three Stooges Slots. This game gave players the chance to gamble while watching clips of their favorite stooges. Following in the footsteps of The Three Stooges, Shuffle Master released a slot machine based around The Honeymooners. Once again, a popular television show helped Shuffle Master to sell plenty of slot machines to casinos all over the country.

Other popular slot machines from Shuffle Master include Let’s Make a Deal Slots and Budweiser Slots. As you can see, the company does not stop short of anything that will excite players, and of course, increase profits.

In the early years, Shuffle Master had no interest in slot machines. But thanks to tons of casino contacts, this changed in no time at all. In addition to eventually manufacturing slot machines, Shuffle Master has also dabbled in other games such as Let it Ride Poker.

While Shuffle Master has never been the biggest name in the slot machine industry, it will forever be remembered for inventing the automatic shuffler. This alone has changed the way that casinos operate.


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