Shopping Spree Slots (Play Online Slot Machine Games)

If you are the type who likes to gamble and shop, there is one type of slot machine that is right for you: Shopping Spree slots. These are not the only slot machines at the casino, but with so much to offer those who like shopping, they have become quite popular. Since being introduced, it is safe to say that women like to play these machines more than men. But of course, anybody can have fun with Shopping Spree slots. After all, they pay out the same amount of money no matter who is sitting in front of them.

Playing Shopping Spree Slot Machines

Shopping Spree slots consist of five reels and nine pay lines. This makes the game easy to learn, and simple to follow along with. Additionally, with Shopping Spree slots you should know that you are playing a progressive machine. This means that your machine is linked to many others as a way of producing large jackpots. Even when somebody wins the jackpot, it resets to no less than $25,000. If you are like most slot machine players, this is more than enough to suit your needs.

The minimum bet with Shopping Spree slots is $.25. With that being said, to win the jackpot you need to place a bet of 45 coins for a total of $11.25. This may sound like a huge bet, and it is. But if you want to have a chance at the progressive jackpot which can reach $100,000, you need to bet the max amount.

One of the best features of Shopping Spree slots is that if you hit the jackpot, you can choose between the cash or a $100,000 New York City shopping spree. For many, this would be the trip of a lifetime.

Overall, Shopping Spree slots have a lot to offer. They may be catered towards women who like to spend money, but anybody will have a great time playing these slots.

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