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Shopping Spree Slots (Play for Free at RTG Casinos Online)


For several years, Shopping Spree slots have been a popular progressive jackpot game for online slots payers. Shopping Spree uses the classic five reels and three rows set up, and there are only nine pay lines.

Shoppoing spree Slot Game Logo

Even though Shopping Spree isn’t new, the graphics are clean and sharp. And the simple gameplay and progressive jackpot keep it toward the top of the favorite slots lists for many online gamblers.

Here’s a complete review of Shopping Spree slots that includes the best places to find Shopping Spree in mobile and online casinos.




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  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

The Shopping Spree Slot Machine Game

Shopping Spree slots is a game that’s based on shopping. And you’re not shopping at the local general store. Instead, you’re shopping in high-end shops for expensive merchandise.

The symbols used in Shopping Spree slots are a diamond necklace and diamond ring, a vase of roses, a black handbag, red lipstick, red stilettos, and a fancy blue perfume bottle. With only nine pay lines, it’s easy to track each spin to see what you win.

When you see three dollar signs, which act as a scatter bonus, you trigger a Big Money Scatter bonus round. The other bonus game in Shopping Spree slots is the Mystery Grab Bag. You trigger the Mystery Grab Bag bonus round when you get three purple mystery bags on one spin. When you trigger the Mystery Grab Bag, you can choose from three grab bags to reveal your prize.

But the most important thing to know about Shopping Spree slots is the progressive jackpot. You win the progressive jackpot when you land five diamond rings on one spin on any pay line. The only downside is that you have to make the maximum bet on the spin, or you’re not eligible for the progressive jackpot in Shopping Spree slots.

On What Devices Can You Play Shopping Spree Slots

Casinos using RTG software weren’t quick to develop games for mobile gambling, but they finally came around. You still have to check the availability at each individual casino using RTG software and games, but most of them have solutions for mobile play.

Most online casinos offering RTG slots games like Shopping Spree use a browser-based solution. The nice thing about a browser-based software solution is that you can play slots on any device that you can connect to the internet and that has a browser of some sort.

Desktop computer – You can play Shopping Spree slots on any desktop computer connected to the internet, including PC-based systems and Apple computers like a MAC.

Laptop computer – Just like desktop computers, you can play Shopping Spree slots on any laptop that uses a PC system or MAC system.

Tablets and notebook computers – You can play Shopping Spree slots on tablets and notebooks using iOS and Android operating systems.

Smartphones – More gamblers than ever before are playing slots games like Shopping Spree on their smartphones. You can play Shopping Spree on any smartphone using Android or iOS systems at any online casino offering mobile gaming solutions from RTG.

Shopping Spree Slots Gameplay

When you load Shopping Spree slots on your computer or smartphone, the progressive jackpot amount in the upper right-hand corner is the first thing you see. While most Shopping Spree machines have the progressive amount at the top right, I have seen at least one machine with the total on the bottom of the screen. In addition, the nine pay lines are listed down each side of the reels, and you see 15 symbols displayed on the reels.

The total bet or wager amount is listed on the lower left below the reels. The amount you won on the last spin is in the middle position on the bottom. And your overall money balance is on the lower right of the screen.

You can bet from .25 to $1.25 per line. However, remember that you have to bet the maximum amount per line to unlock the opportunity for the progressive jackpot.

You can’t find the return to player percentage for every slots game, but RTG has released the RTP for Shopping Spree slots. With an RTP of 95%, Shopping Spree slots is far better than most slot machines found in land-based casinos and is right in line with most of the best online and mobile slots games.

Shopping Spree Slots Tips and Strategies

When you play Shopping Spree slots, the most important strategy is to bet the maximum amount on every pay line. If you’re not going to wager enough to activate the progressive jackpot, there are better slot machines to play than Shopping Spree slots.

There isn’t a strategy involved when you trigger the Big Money Scatter bonus. When you trigger the Mystery Grab Bag bonus round, you choose the bag you want. The bags are filled using a random number generator, so you have no way of knowing which bag has the biggest prize. I always pick the third bag, but this strategy doesn’t change your odds of getting a better prize.

I recommend playing every pay line on any slot machine game you play, including Shopping Spree slots. Also, I like tracking the pay lines, and because Shopping Spree only has nine pay lines, this is easy to do. Even though I know the machine tracks all of the wins, but I always feel better tracking wins myself.

The only other strategy I can recommend is playing on a tablet, notebook, or computer. I played Shopping Spree on my phone, and it was fine.

But it’s a much better game experience on a device with a bigger screen.

What I Liked about Shopping Spree Slots

The main thing I like about Shopping Spree slots is the clean layout that only has nine pay lines. I do play a few slot machines that have 100’s of pay lines. But most of the time, I play on slots games with fewer pay lines.

Of course, I also like the fact that Shopping Spree has a progressive jackpot, and it’s often over $1,000,000.

Overall, I guess the thing I like about this game is that it’s simple. The game only uses a few symbols, the bonus games are simple, it’s easy to see what’s going on, and the game reminds me of the same games I played 20 years ago, but with better graphics.

I recommend Shopping Spree slots to any gambler who likes to play simple games and who likes to take a shot at a big progressive jackpot.

You can’t find many slots games with a theme about shopping. Obviously, when RTG designed this one, it had women slots players in mind. But I’m a man, and I don’t mind the theme at all. I also don’t enjoy shopping in real life, but the shopping theme doesn’t take anything away from the game.

In fact, RTG has used basically the same game engine to create many slot machines using a different theme. The only problem is that most of the games using a different theme don’t have a progressive jackpot.

What I Didn’t Like about Shopping Spree Slots

While it’s a common complaint about slot machines that have a progressive jackpot, my main gripe is that you have to bet the maximum amount on all nine pay lines to unlock the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot.

You can find a few progressive jackpot slot machines with a lower total cost per spin if you like chasing a progressive. But Shopping Spree is in line with most popular progressive slots games with jackpots that climb over $1,000,000 often.

I really don’t like playing on my phone. I can see the game ok, but it’s much better on my laptop. And I must admit that I’m getting old and don’t see as well as I use to see, so this might not be a problem for you.

The only other complaint I have is that the two bonus games are kind of plain. While any bonus game in a slot machine is good, I’ve seen many that are more interesting and more interactive. Slots games that get you more involved and make choices tend to be more fun.

While this doesn’t kill the fun of playing, the game would be more fun with better bonus games.

Where to Play the Game Online (Top Casinos)

RTG is one of the oldest casino software and slots companies, so there are 100’s of online and mobile casinos that use the software. The only issue you might run into is that every online and mobile casino that uses RTG software doesn’t have the same games and slot machines.

Here’s the good news:

Because there are so many online casinos that use RTG software, there are plenty of other options if one casino doesn’t carry Shopping Spree slots. Here are the top three online and mobile casinos that use RTG software and slot machines.

Slots.lv – Slots.lv is one of my favorite online casinos, and I’ve played there for several years. The company that owns Slots.lv is one that I trust, and they have a wide variety of game options besides this one.

Wild Vegas Casino – Wild Vegas uses RTG software, has a mobile solution as well as a computer software package, and offers over 200 RTG games and slot machines.

Las Vegas USA Casino – Las Vegas USA offers over 250 slot machines and casino games and uses RTG software. You can play on any PC, Mac, or mobile device.


It seems like Shopping Spree slots have been around forever, but this speaks to the fact that the game is still one of the most popular slots available on online and mobile devices. Furthermore, with a progressive jackpot and simple pay line structure, this game will probably continue being popular for years to come.

If you like slot machines with 100’s of pay lines, this game won’t be a big deal to you, but if you like a simple slot machine that’s fun to play and has a progressive jackpot, Shopping Spree slots is a game you want to play.

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