IGT is responsible for designing some of the greatest slot machines in the world. With their Shocking Headlines slots, this definitely holds true. As part of the company’s video slots repertoire, Shocking Headlines has become quite popular in a short amount of time. Anybody who is interested in video slots will agree that Shocking Headlines has a lot to offer in the way of profits and fun.

Shocking Headlines Slot Machine Themes

Shocking Headlines slots are so popular because they touch on stories that are presented by the tabloids. While playing, you will come across everything from space aliens to sex scandals and much more. This may not have anything to do with winning money, but these reports are sure to keep you interested as you continue to play.

Shocking Headlines slots consist of five reels and 25 pay lines. For many, the maximum bet of 1,250 credits is too much for them to handle. But before you let this scare you away, you should keep in mind that the biggest jackpot offered is an impressive one million credits. Although you have to bet a lot in order to have this potential, many slot players agree that it is well worth the money. With a maximum payout of one million credits, Shocking Headlines slot machines are among the most lucrative at any casino.

Shocking Headlines slots also offers several bonus games in addition to basic game play. Bonus games include Horoscope and Top Story; each one gives you the chance to win additional money.

If you are lucky enough to hit it big with Shocking Headlines slots, you are sure to take home a huge jackpot. For many, chasing the one million credit jackpot is a way of life. And with the fun that you can have along the way, you will never get bored!

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