Shinobi slots are based on a Japanese video game that has been popular for many years. With a Ninja inspired theme, you can only imagine how much fun these slots can be. In fact, even if you are not winning, Shinobi slot machines are still enjoyable. Once again, IGT hit the nail on the head by releasing Shinobi slots.

Playing Shinobi Slots

Shinobi slots feature five reels and 20 pay lines. As you can imagine, with 20 pay lines, hitting the jackpot can mean a lot of money in your pocket. The maximum bet that you can make is between 400 and 1,000 coins. While this may seem like a lot of credits, the largest jackpot is 500,000 coins. If you happen to hit this, you will be the most ecstatic person in the casino; and that is saying a lot.

In addition to the basic game play, Shinobi slots also offer bonus rounds. They include the Ninja Battle Bonus Game and the Ninja Free Spins Bonus Game. Both of these extra rounds give you a chance to win even more money.

Even if you are not into Japanese culture, you will have a great time playing Shinobi slots. With so many reels and pay lines it can be difficult to get on track. But once you know how to play Shinobi slots and what to look for, you will have a great time. When you combine all of these features with bonus rounds, there is no wondering why IGT is so glad that they released Shinobi slot machines to the public.


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