Sha Na Na slot machines may have a funny name, but there is nothing not to like about these machines. They bring back the good old days from the 1950’s, and really touch home with people who were growing up during this time. Of course, Sha Na Na slots are just as modern as any other slot machines that you will come across. To go along with this, they offer jackpots that are quite large as well. As you can see, there are not too many areas in which Sha Na Na slots lack.

Playing Sha Na Na Slot Machines

Sha Na Na slot machines are based on a video platform. They consist of five reels and 20 pay lines for maximum earning capacity and fun. With so may pay lines, it may take a while for you to catch onto how these games work. But once you spin the reels a few time, you will have a much easier time understanding what Sha Na Na slots are all about.

IGT is responsible for releasing Sha Na Na slots. While they have many other slot machines in casinos across the world, these ones are always among the most popular. Not only do players like the theme of the machine, but the potential earnings are just as beneficial.

The minimum bet at a Sha Na Na slot machine is five coins. The maximum bet is 100 coins, or five for each pay line. If you are hoping to win the biggest jackpot, you will have to bet the maximum of 100 coins. This may sound like a lot, but payouts are plentiful.

Overall, Sha Na Na slot machines have a lot to offer. If you want to bring back the days from the 1950’s, you will want to spend some time with the Sha Na Na slots the next time you visit the casino.

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