Samurai Master Slots (Classic Slot Machine Game to Play)

Part of WMS Gaming’s G+ Series, Samurai Master slot machines have become a huge hit at casinos across the country. Most players find the theme to be exciting, but that is just the beginning. Once you get involved with a game of Samurai Master slots you will begin to see just how many benefits you can take advantage of.

How to Play Samurai Master Slots

Simply put, this game is all about non-stop action. From the moment you insert your first bet the adrenaline will be pumping through your veins. As you begin to play the excitement will start to pick up.

As a five reel video slot you do not have to worry about a large learning curve. If you have ever played a G+ series game you know how simple they are to learn – Samurai Master slot machines are no different.

Although the regular game play is fun, it is the free spin bonus round that makes this game one of the best.

To trigger the bonus round you need to receive three or more bonus symbols. Three symbols and you are awarded 10 free spins; four symbols gets you 25 free spins; and five symbols are good for 100 free spins. Once you win some free spins you are then playing with the casino’s money.

The bonus can be retriggered during the free spin round if you once again receive three or more bonus symbols. In other words, you can continue to add free spins even when you are playing the bonus round.

Samurai Master Slot Machine Symbols

The theme of Samurai Master slot machines is one reason that it is so much fun. The symbols of the game include: bonus, fish, tree, gold coins, chair, ship, and pelican.

With a low starting bet of one cent, a great bonus round, and high payouts, there is no wondering why Samurai Master slot machines are popular among many players. If you want to become a Samurai Master this is the game for you!

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