Mikohn Gaming is responsible for some of the most innovative slot machines in the world. They base their slot machines on popular topics such as board games, including Clue, Yahtzee slots and Battleship slots, as well as other ideas. This is where Ripley’s Believe it or Not slot machines come into play. This slot game is based on the popular books and museums of the same name. Like every game from Mikohn slots, it has a large following thanks to its name recognition.

The Game

As you probably know, this game offers museums and related attractions in countries all over the world. As noted above, its name recognition is one of the main reasons for Mikohn using the theme for a slot machine. The Ripley’s Believe it or Not slot machine uses images from the famous television show hosted by Jack Palance. If you have ever watched this show it is safe to say that you will feel at home when playing the game. These slots are not nearly as popular as they once were, but by offering jackpots in the tens of thousands, while allowing players to place small bets, there will always be those who are interested

Bonus Games

Regular game play is fun, but the real action starts when the bonus round is activated. Unlike many slot machines, with this slot the bonus games are based on skill, not just luck. And, the bonus game is activated three times more often than most other slot machine games. In turn, this gives players a much better chance of increasing their winnings

Upon beginning a bonus round, “Rip” the parrot will give you directions. You will be asked to choose one of three answers to a basic trivia question. The sooner that you make the right choice the more money you will win. Fortunately, a bonus is guaranteed regardless of whether or not you answer the question correct or how long it takes. There is also a secondary bonus game that allows you to undercover bonus symbols under a grid of globes.

If you have never been to a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum you should take the time to visit one in the near future. And the same thing holds true for the slots. Once you play these slot machines once you will be heading back time after time. The bonus round alone is reason enough to spend hours on end playing!

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