This game comes in two variations. Although you can only play online, Rival Gaming has done a great job in making sure that every player has a great time. The two versions of the game are:Reel Crime Bank Heist slots and Reel Crime 2 Art Heist slots. The games are similar, but once you play both you will begin to pick up on their unique features.

These slots are part of the Rival Gaming i-Slots line. The games in this line of slots have a story line that is followed from start to finish. This makes the slots more interesting as you are doing more than just spinning the reels and waiting to see if you are a winner. Many players love interactive games, and Reel Crime slots definitely fit the mold. As you move through the game you will jump from scene to scene as you get closer to the end of the story. Of course, you are attempting to win money along the way.

How to Play

Reel Crime Bank Heist slots feature five reels and 15 paylines. This is a standard format for an online slot game. There are four stages to move through while playing.
They include:

  • The Plan
  • In The Bank
  • On The Run
  • Dynamite

During each stage you are spinning the reels and hoping to win money, just like regular slot machines. For instance, in stage one you will bet like any other slot machine. But soon enough you will run into one of two scenarios: you will either sound the alarm and be sent to the on the run stage or you will complete the task and move onto stage two, in the bank.

Reel Crime – Art Heist

When you begin to play Reel Crime 2 Art Heist slots you will realize that it is similar to the Bank Heist version. Once again, there are five reels and 15 paylines. But this time around you are attempting to steal a piece of artwork as opposed to breaking into a bank.
This game features five stages:

  • The Plan
  • The Tools
  • The Getaway
  • The Painting
  • Beach Of Bastille

Just like a video game, when playing you can save your progress. For example, if you are in stage three and decide to quit, the next time you play this game you can pick up where you left off.

As you can see, Reel Crime slot machinesare unlike most that you will run into. Instead of betting time after the time with no progress, you move from stage to stage. This keeps the action moving and the fun coming your way. And don’t forget about the money you can win!

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