One thing is for sure: Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) takes great pride in manufacturing games with unique themes. It goes without saying that Radiant Rocks slot machines are no different. This game is based around diamonds and other “sparkly” gems that are sure to grab your attention from anywhere in the casino. VGT tells casinos to “Add some sparkle to your gaming floor!” with this game. And guess what? Most of them have listened.

The Details

Like many games from VGT, this one is part of a three reel mechanical collection. With three reels and one payline this is a game that is simple to play and learn. Once you sit down at a machine, though, you will realize that simple can be very exciting.

Betting denominations include: $.25, $1, $3, and $5. With four options, and the ability to bet up to three coins, you should be able to find a wager that suits your budget. A three coin maximum makes for a largest possible bet of $15. The top award is 10,000 credits, making it one of the largest three reel mechanical payouts from VGT.

Red Screen Free Spin Feature

Do you want to find yourself playing with the casino’s money from time to time? Surely your answer is yes. With Radiant Rocks slot machines you are giving yourself the chance of making this happen. After wins of any size the machine randomly awards free spins. VGT’s Red Screen free spin feature is one of the reasons why their three reel mechanical games have become so popular.

Bonus Blast Games

Some casinos opt to equip Radiant Rocks slot machines with additional bonus games. By offering the ability to customize each and every machine, VGT has won the business of many casinos. Bonus Blast games that can be added include: Pick a Safe, Victory Lap, Lucky Pluck, Winning Wheel, Pick a Duck, Rainin’ Rubies, and Pick a Pot.

When you play Radiant Rocks slot machines, you are sure to have a twinkle in your eye with the hopes of more money in your pocket!

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