Power 7s slots belong to the five reel mechanical series of games from WMS Gaming. Just like other games in this series, it is built on the Bluebird platform ensuring a high quality, stable experience for players from all walks of life. If you enjoy Power 7s slot machines you should consider many other games from this company including: The Monkees slots,Mystical Dragon slots, Wild Lightning slots, and Magic Crystal slots. While these games are similar in many ways, the theme of Power 7s slots set it apart from the rest.

Power 7s slots Slots: X-Treme Reels

Power 7s slots slots feature the famous X-Treme Reels bet, only available in WMS Gaming machines. Before you activate this feature there are three active reels on your machine. Although not required, you can make two extra wagers to activate the fourth and fifth reels. If you are lucky enough to win while this bet is in place, you can multiply your winnings by as much as 100x.

How much does it cost to activate the X-Treme Reels feature? With a bet of five credits on all 10 paylines, the fourth reel is activated. Any win on the first three reels is multiplied by the fourth reel along with a multiplier from 2x to 10x. When you make the X-Treme bet, which is 10 credits per line, both the fourth and fifth reels are activated. At this point, your multiplier can reach as high as 100x. If you do not fully understand how to make the X-Treme Reels wager, hit the video help button on your machine.

Power 7s Slots: Reel Symbols

The reel symbols used in thePower 7s slots game include: single bar, double bar, triple bar, and of course, the number 7.

My Experience with Power 7s Slots

There are many reasons why I continually play Power 7s. To start, you don’t have to bet an arm and a leg. As a multi-denomination game, there are many coin sizes including: $.01, $.02, $.05, and $.10. I may not win every time I play this game, but I always activate the X-Treme Reels feature. At the very least, I give myself the chance to trigger the 100x multiplier. If you enjoy five reel machines from WMS Gaming, give Power 7s slots a try!

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