Playboy Slots (Free Slot Machine Games)

Bally Gaming was founded in 1932, but it was not until many years later that the company released Playboy slot machines to the public. As one of the most recognizable brands in the world,Playboy slots never have a difficult time attracting attention from passer-bys. Believe it or not, both men and women love what Playboy slot machines have to offer.

In addition to this world famous machine, Bally Gaming is known for many others including Saturday Night Live Slots, Blazing 7s Slots, Pamela Anderson slots, and the Lone Ranger Frenzy among others. In 1998 Hugh Hefner and the Playboy empire signed a licensing deal with Bally slots to produce Playboy Slots. This move has undoubtedly benefited both parties in a number of ways.

Playboy Slots: The Details

Over the years, Bally Gaming has released roughly a dozen games based around the Playboy theme. At this time, there are three video slot machines in the lineup and the main feature differentiating each one is the bonus game. Playboy would never attach their name to a low quality product, and this can be seen no matter which slot machine you decide to play. In addition to high quality, each slot machine offers the chance to win big on every spin despite your bet. No matter what casino you are in, it is easy to spot a Playboy slot machine thanks to the large rabbit logo located on the top of every game.

Playboy Slot Machines: How to Play

Every Playboy slot machine is available in five reel, nine payline and five reel, twenty payline versions. Even though denominations change based on the casino, the most popular are nickel machines. That said, Playboy penny slots also have a large following thanks to a allowing for a small bet but keeping the ability to win a large jackpot.

Three of the most popular machines include Playboy Bonus Frenzy, Playboy Playmate Frenzy, and Playboy Playmate Times Frenzy. The first game, and the one that established the brand, was Playboy Bonus Frenzy. This game features both 10 and 100 bonus credit options, as well as up to five respins on winning combinations. Just like every game, Playboy playmates appear on the multiplier symbols. Although the images are strictly “PG” they bring an added level of excitement to the game

Playboy Slots Bonus Game

Every bonus game, no matter the machine, is based on Playboy Magazine. For instance, there is both a Centerfold bonus and a Cover bonus; both of which can make you a very rich person. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Playboy slots bonus games is that they are highly interactive. For example, with the cover bonus you have the option to select from one of 12 famous Playboy covers. With each pick you receive bonus credits, and of course, you get to gander at a close-up of the cover itself. The high bonus on all Playboy slot machines is 10k credits.

At this time, Playboy slots are only available in the United States. I have found these machines in the Las Vegas casinos and the Atlantic City casinos. And even though you will not get to see any nude models, the potential for winning tens of thousands of dollars is just as exciting!

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