Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) had big hopes for Pirate’s Paradise slots when it was first launched to select United States based casinos.

After a lot of market research, they thought they had a hit on their hands. And guess what? They were right. Pirate’s Paradise slots are always crowded no matter what casino you walk into. The reason for this is simple. The game is built in the same mold as many other VGT favorites including Mr. Moneybags Slots and Land of the Free Spin slots among others. On top of this, it is packed with extra features that give you even more incentive to play and play for a long time.

Pirate’s Paradise Slots: The Details

With five mechanical reels and nine paylines it is simple for most players to understand the ins and outs of Pirate’s Paradise slot machines. In fact, VGT takes great pride in many their games simple yet exciting.

There is a 180 coin maximum bet, with denominations starting at $.01 and including $.02 and $.05. But how much can I win with Pirate’s Paradise slots? This is when you will really get excited. VGT attached a top award of 392,000 credits to this game. As you can see, there is nothing small about Pirate’s Paradise slots.

Pirate’s Paradise Slots Features

There is more to Pirate’s Paradise slot machines than base gameplay. You should know that this game is packed full of special features, including VGT’s ever popular Red Screen Free Spin game. After every winning combination the machine randomly decides if you are going to be given any free spins. This is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

For the chance to win even more money, VGT included a 7x and 49x multiplier. When one of these is activated your winnings will multiply. Does it get any better than that?

VGT has this to say about Pirate’s Paradise slots: “Ahoy! Players will double their doubloons with Pirate’s Paradise! This buccaneer theme will introduce players to VGT’s five reel mechanical games” and “Get hooked on Pirate’s Paradise, Matey!”

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