The Party Line slot machine game from Playtech is available at many online casinos. Although this is a pretty basic slot game, it makes up for it with a great theme, plenty of quality audio clips, and of course, decent jackpots. Both new players and those who have been around will enjoy Party Line slots. What isn’t there to like about this online slot machine?

The Details

Are you the type of player who likes traditional, basic slot machines? If so, this one is perfect for you. Three reels and one payline is just about as simple as it gets. That being said, this simplicity does not mean that the game is no fun. With a party theme you can only imagine the amount of fun you are going to have.


The maximum bet you can make when playing Party Line slot machines is three coins. The coin size varies from a nickel to five dollars. This variety of betting options allows players of all budgets to get involved.

When a maximum bet is placed, the top payout is 4,000 coins. This is not the largest jackpot for an online slots game, but it is a nice size considering the fact that it is not part of a progressive network.

How to Win

There are eight possible ways to win. Some of the symbols that will determine whether you are a winner include drink glasses, radio, keyboard, party hat, and saxophone. As you can see, all of these symbols are based on the party theme.

Winning Combinations.

  • Any three glasses: 5 coins
  • Three yellow glasses: 20 coins
  • Three blue glasses: 40 coins
  • Three red glasses: 60 coins
  • Three radios: 100 coins
  • Three keyboards: 250 coins
  • Three saxophones:500 coins
  • Three party hats: 1,200 coins or the maximum of 4,000 coins with a maximum bet

My Experience

One of my favorite aspects of Party Line slots is the music that is played when you spin the reels. When you win, you will hear a voice above the music that says, “It’s party time, oh yeah!” And on a good day, it is possible to hear this often. This makes these ‘simple’ slots quite fun to play and put you in to the atmosphere. Even though there are many online games to choose from, I have found Party Line slots to be a great game for those who want to play a simple slot machine with low betting denominations and nice payouts.

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