If you like The Munsters television show, you will love playing the slots. Another offering from IGT (International Gaming Technology), this game brings back memories of the TV show with images of Herman Munster and all of the rest of the shows characters. This was one of my favorite shows growing up, and the same can be said for the slot machine. From my $500 win last year to the $900 the year before, this game has always treated me well.


Most slot machine games only allow a winning payline in one direction, moving from left to right. However, the this slot machine allows payline winners starting either the left or right side. So, you can have a winning payline from both directions!

Wild Symbols

There are several wild characters in the game. The wild symbols are Herman Munster, Lily Munster, Grandpa Munster, Eddie Munster, Marilyn Munster and even Spot!


If one Munsters slots symbol ends up on your payline, the payout is multiplied five times. If you get two symbols on the payline, your slot payout is multiplied by twenty five times. Five Herman symbols on a payline and you win a slots jackpot of 5,000 times your coin bet. Five Lily symbols on a payline pays out at 500 to 1. Keep your eyes peeled for the bat symbol. This icon only appears on two of the reels. The bat symbol starts the Wild Grandpa slot bonus. The bat turns into Grandpa and replaces any other symbol on the game.

Spot, the family pet, also starts a bonus game. Spot was never actually shown on The Munsters television show. He appeared to be a fire breathing dragon kept under the stairs. When 3 or more Spot symbols appear, the Spot bonus feature is enabled. Spot breathes fire and smoke. When both have cleared, your bonus is revealed.

Bonus Game

This is a fairly involved bonus round. The Munster Match bonus game starts when five Munster symbols come up in the same spin. They can be of any combination. Once the bonus game starts, 24 boxes appear on the screen. Selecting a box reveals one of the Munster symbols. There are six each of Grandpa, Lily and Eddie and five of Herman and one Marilyn. The player is then required to select a box, one at a time. Each family member has a different bonus value assigned to it. When any Munster family symbol turns up three times, the Munster slot machine game Munster Match bonus game is over. If you reveal the Marilyn symbol before the game is ended, the amount of the bonus is doubled.

My Experience

As I said earlier, this game as always treated me well. I’ve won the Lily jackpot while betting differing amounts–hence the $500 and $900 dollar wins. I’ve never won the major jackpot of 5000x your bet. But with my luck so far, I will definitely keep at it. This is one of those machines that deserves your attention when you see it.

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