Here is a short video of red screen winner while playing Mr. Money Bags slot machine at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Ok. Please accept my apology for the poor video quality. I will try to get a better video for you.

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Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (VGT) is well known for their lineup of three reel, one payline slot machines. They offer many games within this category, with Mr. Money Bags slot machine being one of the most popular. Even though every Money Bag sot machine is unique in its own way, they all share many of the same elements. Some of the others include: Mr. Millionaire slots, The Lucky Leprechaun slots, and Hot Red Ruby slots among many others. Like these other slot machines, Mr. Money Bags slot machines feature the red screen free bonus spin. This exciting bonus round is triggered randomly like regular jackpot wins.

Where Can You Play Mr. Money Bags Slot Machine?

Like most Video Gaming Technology (VGT) games, you can find Mr. Money Bags slot machines in Native American gaming casinos across the country. I have played this machine at Choctaw casin in Durant, Ok and at Winstar Casino on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma just north of the Red river.

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Mr. Money Bags Slot Game Play

One thing is for sure: Mr. Money Bags slots draw in loads of players. Every time I go to the casino I have to wait for one of these machines to come open. And if I am lucky enough to see an empty seat, jumping on it within a matter of seconds is very important. Trust me, you will not be the only player waiting for the chance to play Mr. Money Bags slot machines. I went to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma on a Saturday night and had to wait for 30 minutes to get on a machine. A trip to Choctaw Casino on a Thursday evening resulted in only a 10 minute wait to play Mr. Money Bags slots.

The Details of Mr. Money Bags Slot Machine

As noted above, Mr. Money Bags slot machines are three reel, one payline machine with a maximum bet of three coins. Like many games from VGT, this game is powered by their ground breaking “Live Call Bingo” bingo engine. In short, this means that Mr. Money Bags slot machine is not a traditional slot machine. Instead, it is a bingo game that gives off the appearance of a traditional slot machine.

So, it looks and feels like a regular slot machine, but it isn’t. Kind of confusing, I know. There is a square display above the reels that shows what letter and number combination is selected with each spin. But, I can’t figure the darn thing out. I know you are supposed to be able to read it and that it is supposed to mean something, but, the hell if I know what it is. If you know, please let me know.

The symbols on the reels of the Mr. Money Bags slots game include the standard one, two and three bar symbols and cherry symbols. Also on the reels are 7’s with small stacks of coins located at the bottom of the seven symbol on one side. Of course, Mr. Money Bags himself makes an appearance on the reels as well.

Playing Mr. Money Bags Slot Machines

When playing Mr. Money Bags slot machines you can bet many denominations including: $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, and $25. You can play this game no matter if you are on a small budget or a high roller. No matter how much you bet, the maximum payout is 2,500 credits. This is smaller than most games by VGT, but fun to play nonetheless.

The big attraction of Mr. Money Bags slots is the red screen bonus free spin. It is awarded randomly, like the jackpots is what I have been told. It can also be triggered when no symbols are lined up on the pay line. When that red screen appears, the anticipation builds. You just can’t wait to see what you will win. Every red screen bonus free spin produces a winner of some kind. You just pray it is your lucky day!

Mr. Money Bags Slot Machine Bonus Spins (Red Screen)

Mr. Money Bags slot machines are part of the VGT family of slot machines. This includes the popular red screen free spin bonuses.

The game will randomly give players throughout their gameplay a bonus spin known as a red screen. If you’re not familiar with red screens, they’re quite popular in the slot machines mostly Oklahoma casinos and other Class II gaming casinos.Mr. Money Bags slot machines include this bonus spin feature. 

Fans of Mr. Money Bags slot games have found a few bonus sequences having to do with the red screen bonus spins.Players of Mr. Money Bags slot machines notice that a red screen bonus will appear about 1 out 5 winning reels.

Players have also reported the game can also offer bonus spins that win about 1 out of every 5 bonus red screen spins, making Mr Money Bags slots an exciting bonus payout.

My Experience Playing Mr. Money Bags Slot Machines

I have played this slot machine several times. The last time was on December 9, 2009. During one session I found a group of 25 cent machines and stuck a $100 bill in it. Stayed pretty much close to even the entire time I was playing Mr. Money Bags slots. I would get down a little and then hit the red screen free spin bonus and go up a few dollars. After about 15 minutes I gave it up and cashed out $3 ahead. I like the game a lot, but, the old man next to me was chain smoking and the stuff was going right into my eyes, so I decided to leave.

Mr. Money Bags slot machines is a very popluar slot machine. I had to check out several banks of these machines to find an open one. If you see this game in the casino, give it a try and you will see for yourself why so many slot players love this game.


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