One of the most popular games from Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (VGT) is Mr. Millionaire slots. This is one of those games that are always crowded during peak hours. If you want to play, you will either have to wait for an open seat, or head to the casino during “off hours.” While this can cause some problems for you, the player, it also goes to show you how much this game has to offer.

The Details

These slots are a three reel, one payline machine with a three coin max bet. This game is part of the popular three reel mechanical lineup from VGT. Other similar games include Star Spangled Sevens slots, Hot Red Ruby slots, and Mr. Money Bag slots.

These games are powered by VGT’s popular “Live Call Bingo” bingo engine. As a player you may be wondering what this means. Simply put, these games are not really slot machines. Instead, it is a bingo game that appears to be a slot machine on the outside. They are offered in denominations ranging from a quarter to five dollars. The max jackpot is 4,000 credits.

Red Screen Bonus Game

Like many games by VGT, Mr. Millionaire slots features the Red Screen Free-Spin bonus game. Just like the money you can win, the bonus game is given at random. That being said, you cannot hit the bonus game until you first win some money. When the bonus game is activated, you will know it. The square in the bingo screen at the top of the machine will turn red. From there, the reels begin to spin and whatever they line up on will determine how much you win. And remember, with the bonus game you always win something.

My Experience

This is one of my favorite games by VGT. Even though players are always crowding around it once you get a seat you will realize just how much fun you are about to have. The next time you lay eyes on an open Mr. Millionaire slot machine I suggest you sit down and give it a try! Although they are only found in Indian casinos, they are still worth your time. I walked away $200 ahead after a red screen bonus on my last trip to Winstar in Oklahoma.

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