Forget about wasting your time at Mount Rushmore. Spend your days and nights playing Mount Cashmore slots at your favorite casino. Not only is it more fun, but you are in position to win tons of money.

Where to Play

As a Video Gaming Technology (VGT) game, you can find Mount Cashmore slot machines in Native American Indian casinos across the country. My favorite casino for playing this machine is Choctaw in Durant, Oklahoma. WinStar Casino, also located in Oklahoma, is also a great place to play this VGT game.

The Almighty Dollar Machines: How to Play

Mount Cashmore is an exciting three reel, one payline machine with a three coin maximum bet. Despite its simple setup, large jackpots are available for those with a little bit of luck on their side. This game belongs to the VGT library of machines that are powered by the Live Call Bingo real-time bingo engine.

These machines have variable betting denominations including $.25, $1, $3, and $5. Much like with Diamond Fever slots, I usually wager the $.25 minimum to start. From there, I see what kind of luck I am having. If things are going well I always bump my wager to the maximum – this is the only way to win the jackpot.

As you spin the reels you will see many images, including single bar, double bar, triple bar, 7, and “Mount Cashmore.” If you want to hit the jackpot you need to bet the three coin maximum and then receive three Mount Cashmore symbols. The top award is 4,000 credits.

Red Screen Free Spin Bonus

Like many VGT games, this game features the Red Screen Free Spin Bonus. If your screen turns red you will be awarded several free spins. Depending on where you play, you may also find Mount Cashmore slot machines that are customized with bonus blast games including Lucky Pluck, Rainin’ Rubies, Pick a Pot, Pick a Duck, Winning Wheel, Victory Lap, and Pick a Safe.

My Experience

There are many reasons why I consider this to be one of my favorite games. While the theme is great, it is the success I have had that keeps me coming back time and time again. My last time playing was an experience I will never forget. I hit for 300 credits after landing three 7 symbols. A few spins later, with luck on my side, I bet the maximum of three coins and hit for 4,000 credits.

With luck like this I would be a fool to ignore this VGT game. Like the mountain, these slots tower above the competition.

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