Monopoly Slots (Super Grand Hotel Slot Machine Game Video)

Below is a short video of my wife playing Monopoly Slots, the Super Grand Hotel version.

If you have never played Monopoly slots machines you are really missing out on a good time. True to form, these machines are based on the popular board game, Monopoly. Just like that game, with Monopoly slots you have the ability to have a lot of fun, and hopefully win money along the way. The big difference is that with Monopoly slot machines the money you win is real and you get to keep it!

Play Monopoly Slots

Monopoly slot machines are among the most popular at both land based and online casinos. In fact, this game has been one of the most popular in the world for many years. This is due in large part to the name recognition, but also the fact that you have the chance to win a lot of money while being entertained along the way. It is not uncommon for some players to sit in front of a Monopoly slot machine for hours on end.

Play Free Monopoly Slots

Many of you have asked if you can play free Monopoly slots online. To that I can answer a qualified yes. If live outside the USA you can go to any WagerWorks software casino and play free Monopoly slots online. These online casinos even have monopoly slots for free downloads. If you reside in the USA, you are out of luck, for now.

Monopoly Slots Variations

Unlike other slot machines, there are several different variations that fit within the Monopoly name. They include: Chairman of the Board Slots, Advance to Boardwalk Slots, Once Around Slots, and Movers and Shakers Slots. As you can see, all of these games are based around the game of Monopoly in one way, shape, or form.

WMS Gaming is in charge of producing Monopoly slot machines. They are one of the more well known designers and manufacturers within the slot machine industry. In addition to Monopoly slots, they are also responsible for many other similar games.

Monopoly Slots Online

WagerWorks is the creative genius behind online Monopoly slots games. Recently, WagerWorks came out with a new version of Monopoly Slots called Monopoly Here and Now. This new version of the standard Monopoly slot machine game plays much like the others. But, it also contains two bonus games, the board bonus game and the free parking jackpot bonus game. More on these bonus games later.

Monopoly Slots Here and Now Game Play

Monopoly Here and Now is a 20 payline slot machine. You can bet 1 to 5 credits per line. A variety of symbols grace the reels of this Monopoly slot machine game. These include all of the game pieces we have become familiar with as well as cars, dice, wild symbols, chance, community chest, go, jail, free parking and the properties. The object in Monopoly slots Here and Now is to own it all. You spin the reels to build apartments and hotels on properties you own, and to increase the free parking bonus.

Monopoly Here and Now Board Bonus Game

If you get three board bonus dice to land on the same payline, the board bonus game is activated. Choose two of the dice to determine how many rolls you will receive. When you land on properties during the board bonus, you get paid the value of those properties plus any improvements. Land on free parking during the board bonus round and you move on the the free parking bonus round!

If you land on Chance or Community Chest during the board bonus round, just like in the board game, a random card is drawn and your game piece is either moved or you are rewarded with an additional roll or more credits.

Should you land on go during the Monopoly slots board bonus round, you will receive an additional roll. But, beware! If you should land on jail or receive a go to jail from the community chest, you will go to jail. You can use your remaining rolls to try to get out of jail. If you run out of rolls first, the board bonus game is over.

Monopoly slots Here and Now Free Parking Jackpot Bonus

There are free parking bonus meters in the upper left corner of the screen. The value of the meters is based upon the size of your bet. The bigger the bet the bigger the increment of the meter. Landing on free parking during the board bonus round triggers the “Monopoly slots” free parking bonus round. Spin the wheel to see which of three colored cars moves towards it’s corresponding meter. The first car that moves three times wins the jackpot indicated by that meter. This ends the free parking jackpot bonus. Should you land on free parking again you can repeat this bonus round.

Monopoly Slots Are Fun!

Monopoly slots are my wife’s favorite slot machine game, by far. We took a trip to Las Vegas in April of this year. She played the penny slot version and won $540 at The Palazzo. The next day, she won over $600 play penny Monopoly slots at The Palm.

I gave Monopoly slots a shot at the Rio. But, while I won a little, I did not achieve the level of success that she did. However, I did have a good time and would recommend Monopoly slots to anyone looking for the same.

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