Monopoly Bonus City Slots (WMS Slot Machine Game)

Monopoly Bonus City slots game from WMS Gaming brings the excitement of this famous board game to the casino. As the name implies, when you play this game you are going to experience bonus rounds that increase excitement while giving you the chance to win more money.

Monopoly Bonus City Slot Machines: Features

Monopoly Bonus City slot machines are powered by a five reel video setup based on the WMS Gaming Bluebird platform. The symbols used in Monopoly Bonus City slots are similar to those found in the board game. From “chance” and “community chest” to the car and shoe game pieces, you will be familiar with all the symbols used during base and bonus game play.

Monopoly Bonus City Slots Free Spin Bonus

Whether you are a fan of free spins, credit awards, or skill based bonus rounds, when you play Monopoly Bonus City slots there is something that will put a smile on your face.

Monopoly Bonus City Slot Machines Bonus Games

With this bonus round, you roll the dice and make your way around the Monopoly board. All the while you can add additional spins, multipliers, and much more. On top of this, you can trigger the many mini-bonus rounds including Chance, Community Chest, Free Parking, or the Utilities.

Pick and Match Bonus

In this bonus game you put your skills to the test, picking from a group of cards. Your choices uncover prize boxes and allow you to complete color groups – just like the board game. When you complete a group of properties you are awarded extra picks, which increase your chance of winning.

Mini-Bonus Rounds

Free Parking Spin – awarded one free spin.
Utility Spins – use the dice to take advantage of your three free spins.
Chance – choose your bonus square wisely to increase your chance of winning.
Community chest – choose a chest and hope for the highest possible credit award.

Monopoly has always been one of my favorite board games. For this reason, every variation of Monopoly slots is one that I enjoy playing. It is easy to see whyMonopoly Bonus City slots are considered one of the “hottest new games” in the gaming world. With three top notch bonus rounds, this game is well deserving of its name. It truly is a Bonus City!

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