If you like aliens and slot machines by IGT I have a game for you. Money Mad Martians is part of the IGT Barcrest slots network, and is one of those games that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. With a silly alien at the core of this game, you can be rest assured that you are going to have fun while being entertained for hours on end. Just like all games from IGT, this one does not leave much to be desired.

Even though you may be turned off from this game because it is yet another based on outer space, you shouldn’t be so quick to turn and run. The fun that you can have, as well as the large jackpot, is reason enough to stick around and play.

The Details

Are Money Mad Martians slots easy to play? You bet they are. With three reels and one payline it is simple to get used to this game. To go along with the basic symbols, there is a ten times pay symbol that offers a three credit multiplier. When you receive three of these symbols on the payline you will win 30,000 coins. Now can you see why it is so much fun?

Since you can only bet three coins, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. With such a small maximum bet you should always bet three coins; this gives you a chance to win the big money. Even if you don’t win with the multiplier, you can still take home 10,000 coins. For a non-progressive slot machine this is a pretty nice jackpot.

Betting denominations for Money Mad Martians slots are 25 cents, 50 cents, and one dollar.

Bonus Game

What would an IGT slot machine be if it did not feature a great bonus game? When you land the bonus symbol on the third reel the bonus round begins. Upon the game starting, a nine column board will light up on the top of the screen. From there, UFOs begin to descend from the sky and land in one of the slots. You want to land as many UFOs in one column as possible. The top winnings in the bonus game is 1,000 coins. You can win this by getting the right number of UFOs in the middle column.

For a game that does not offer a progressive jackpot, these slots sure do pay out a lot of money. Not only can you win up to 30,000 coins during regular gameplay, but the bonus round can add on to this as well. When combined with a common, yet exciting theme, you can see why these slot machines are so popular.

My Experience

I have yet to win the top prize of 30,000 credits. But believe me, that doesn’t stop me from trying. This is one of those games I always have to stop at if I come across it. The bonus round is very entertaining, especially for a mechanical real slot. And the chance to win it big is always present. Although not always the case, I do tend to come out ahead after a session on one of these machines, which obviously adds to my reasoning for stopping and playing. This is one you need to try if you have yet to.

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