Miss America is one of the greatest events of the year. Millions of people watch the pageant in person and from home. While this may be fun for some, the Slots Guy would rather be playing the Miss America slots game at the casino. This machine from AC Coin and Slot has been good to me in the past. I may never be as famous as the winner of the pageant, but the $500 I won last time was enough to get me excited.

Unlike every other slot machine, Miss America slot machines give back in more ways than one. Not only can you win a lot of money playing these games, but some of the funds go towards scholarships granted by the Miss America Foundation. Even if you are not winning you can be rest assured that your money is going to a good cause.

Game Details

Miss America slot machines can be played with as little as $.25. This small bet is only one of the reasons that so many people flock to these machines. What about the jackpot? The biggest jackpot is only $625. While this is small, the chance you have of winning is very good. Of course, there are many other lower prizes that you can take home as well.

When walking through the casino it is difficult not to see this game. With pictures of beautiful women all over them your eyes will be immediately drawn in. On top of the machine there is a crown that sits on a red velvet pillow. What other slot machine has that?

Benefits of the Bonus Game

To make these slot machines even more exciting, there is a bonus game. The bonus game is easy to understand and play. Your goal is to match up three parts of a Miss America contestant; her lower body, torso, and head. If you successfully do so you will increase your winnings. Most players find this bonus round quite similar to that of Honeymooners slot machines.

Even though several Miss America winners are disappointed with this slot machine due to its connection to the gambling world, it is still very popular. Guys love this game for obvious reasons, but everybody can have fun thanks to a great theme and a variety of prizes. On top of everything, some of the money pumped into Miss America slots is given to the organization’s foundation. As you can see, this machine offer a little bit of everything.

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