Mikohn Gaming Slot Machines (Board Game Slots)

Mikohn Gaming is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been since being founded in 1986. Although the company has recently been taken over by the Progressive Gaming International Corporation, their name will always be well known within the casino industry. Over the years, Mikohn Slot Machines became quite popular, and for this reason attracted a lot of attention.

Mikohn’s Niche Marketing of Board Game Based Slots

Mikohn specialized in taking board games and turning them into slot machines. As you can imagine, this made them quite unique among the competition. By tapping into a niche market like this, Mikohn was able to carve out a corner of the industry in which they could excel with a high level of success. Although every one of Mikohn’s board game based slots was popular, there were some that stood out above the crowd. The most popular slot machines by Mikohn include Clue, Battleship slots, and Yahtzee slots. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not slots machine is also one of Mikohn’s most popular designs.

One feature that stands out among Mikohn machines is the bonuses that are offered. When you combine great bonuses with the ability to play a board game based game, it is easy to see why these slots have become so popular over the years. The great thing about the bonus games offered by Mikohn is that they are based on skill as opposed to luck. For instance, Mikohn successfully turned the popular game Trivial Pursuit into a slot machine. For the bonus round, the player is asked a trivia question. All you have to do is answer the question right in order to win the bonus round.

Mikohn slot machines are among the most well known in the world because they are based off of popular board games. This is a great way for players of all ages to have fun with slot machines. And of course, the payouts and bonuses also make these machines even more popular. Despite the fact that Mikohn has recently been purchased, their games will always be stand outs in any casino.

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